10 Days China Cultural and Nature Tour
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10 Days China Cultural and Nature Tour
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Trip Overview:This ten-day featured tour leads you to the beautiful city of Guilin and Shangri-La in Yunnan Province where some of the China´s most beautiful Rivers flow through. Guangxi and Yunnan are arguably China´s most beautiful provinces, rich in nature and culture they are the homes of many ethnic minorities and languages. On the tour expect to see the huge canyons and towering snow-capped mountains of Yunnan as well as lush tropical forests in Guilin and avant-garde architecture in Hong Kong.
Guilin International Tourism Festival
Every November, Guilin government held the Guilin International Tourism Festival to promote Guilin tourism brand, and expanding its market.
During the festival, a lot of activities such as ceremony, exposition conference, trade conference are held to introduce Guilin tourism resource and Minority folk custom. 

March Third Festival (Zhuang Minority Folk Song Festival)
Every March 3rd lunar calendar, it is the Zhuang Minority Folk Song Festival. It is a great chance to experience the Zhuang Minority custom. Usually, the girls and boys are trying to find their lovers by singing songs. They also send each other presents.

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