1 Day Good Guilin Bus Tours--to Discover The Beautiful Landscape in Guilin Reed Flute Cave,Fubo Hill,Seven Star Park, and Elephant Trunk Hill Tour.
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1 Day Good Guilin Bus Tours--to Discover The Beautiful Landscape in Guilin Reed Flute Cave,Fubo Hill,Seven Star Park, and Elephant Trunk Hill Tour.
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Trip Overview:1 Day Good Guilin Bus Tours---to Discover the Beautiful Landscape in Guilin Reed Flute Cave,Fubo Hill,Seven Star Park,and Elephant Trunk Hill and insure you will get a happy day!
Merinda and Bear
Post By : 21:19 Sep 3, 2014
Hello Sally,

We would like to say thanks for all your care. We had a great trip to China and enjoyed Hong Kong very much.

Please extend our thanks to all our guides.

Should you need us to provide comments for future clients - we are more than willing to attest to your great service.

Thanks again

Merinda and Bear
Operator: Sally
Merinda and Bear visited were , Chengdu, Hong Kong, Guilin, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai
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Alon Barzilay
Post By : 03:37 May 5, 2014
Dear Molly,

We just arrived home after 19 days in China of which 13 days were a pleasure trip with DCT.
It was a long and hectic tour, and it was not easy for us, but it was worth every dollar and every moment of it.
I wanted to write my customer’s feedback in DCT’s website but I did not find the way how to do it.
I am attaching a word document with the text of my thank you review, that I wish will appear in DCT’s website/ customers’ feedback, under your name.

I also added all the hotels’ reviews, same text as I published in TripAdvisor (as I do for the last 3 years).
The first 2 reviews are the hotels I booked by myself, all the rest are the hotels you booked for us.
The best ones were Yangzhou resort and Capital Beijing hotel, the last in line to my opinion, was the Culture Plaza Hangzhou.
This way you can see my detailed opinion on each hotel.

Thank you again for everything you have done for us, we appreciate it very much!
I wish some day you will come to Israel and I will be able to help you out here!

Best regards, from our heart!

Operator: Molly
Alon Barzilay visited were Shenzhen
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Alessandra Dazzo
Post By : 19:36 Apr 24, 2014
Dear Mr. Tan,

Thank you to have contacted me, indeed it was a very nice experience and as you suggested me I just left a comment on tripadvisor to suggest your services to anyone thinking to travel through China.

Thank you again for your help during our wonderful trip!

Best Regards,


See more comments on Tripadvisor

Operator: Molly
Alessandra Dazzo visited were , Guilin
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Helmut K. Luckner
Post By : 00:29 Dec 19, 2013
Dear Candy, we are back in Chile again. We stayed a few days in Santiago and arrived a few days ago in Pucon. We want to thank you very much for this magnificient tour trogh china, which you organized for us. Everything went well and I congratulate your company to this performance which you did in organizing the whole journey. The guides and the drivers did in all cities a very good job. We have been excepcionally happy with the services of the guide in Guilin, Joe who managed everythin very well despite the day when we had bad weather. I would recommend you to send him with some Chinese tourists to Europe. He can get on very well with foreigners!
We have been happy to travel trough China accompanied by your  companies services.We will recommend you to friends, which in fact I have done already to a few, to whom I sent my travel report and fotos.
Attached I send you a foto which we took when we met you briefly.
Thanks for everything. Allthe best for you.
Best regards
Helmut, Gisela and Sabine Luckner
Operator: Candy
Helmut K. Luckner visited were Beijing
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Ms.Julita van Zuydam
Post By : 20:45 May 27, 2013
Hi Candy,
Thank you for your email and the interest in our wellbeing, much appreciated! We had a wonderful time and your organisation was extraordinary! All guides were well spoken , sometimes they did not understand our questions perfectly but not serious, we communicated very well and all the history was well explained and demonstrated, we actually feel a bit Chinese after our trip. I actually tried some of your dishes tonight and some healthy ideas we brought home will be tried out!
Thank you so much for the individual attention we received from your guides and drivers! We felt quite special and like real celebrities! We loved our first driver in Beijing Mr Leo, we could communicate well , he was very spontaneous and  good sense of humour, even taught us a few pronunciations of Chinese language! Kirsty was my favourite guide, with lots of unique attention and energetic fun in every day’s outing, made it very special, I would actually like her email address if possible by any chance?

We enjoyed your country tremendously, and learned so much about the human being in different environments. I definitely turned out to be a better and richer individual in many ways!

Will recommend you as tour organiser with pleasure and your country as a vacation possibility, definitely!!

We would like to wish you the very best for your future as a travelling agent, and would love to visit China once again!! My daughter is very interested, but will stay in contact!

Kindest regards and warm wishes!!

Julita van Zuydam

Operator: Candy
Ms.Julita van Zuydam visited were Beijing
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Janet Butler
Post By : 01:52 May 17, 2013
Dear Candy,

Once again I would like to thank you for your effort in putting together a truly wonderful tour of China for the seven of us.  We enjoyed every minute of it, were impressed with how smoothly everything went, and enjoyed each of the guides who  were right there at the gate to greet us at every city.
Gary, in Beijing, was very helpful and knowledgeable and has a strong interest in history.  He was interested in our grandfather's story so I plan to send him a copy of our grandfather's book.  He also went out of his way to help us with the bank.


Guilin was extraordinary and Joe made sure everything went smoothly!  We so loved the trip down the Li River looking at an "ocean of mountains" all around us.  Joe spent several extra hours that evening walking us around the lake, making sure we were surprised by the largest man-made waterfall.   The next day, he  led us on long walks among the rice terraces, right up until dinner time, and then showed us several movies about the Japanese atrocities that evening.

In Shanghai, Darren strongly encouraged us to get tickets to the acrobatic show.  He worked very hard to convince us by describing it as "jaw dropping."  We relented and every one of us was thrilled with the show.  It was like nothing we had ever seen before--truly remarkable.  Darren was exceptionally helpful in Shanghai when we were trying to locate family buildings.  We found the Hongde Church which had been built in memory of our great grandfather after he had died.  The volunteers at the church welcomed us so warmly and called the pastor who came right over to meet us.  It turns out she was doing a thesis on the history of the church and on our great grandfather!  She brought us copies of papers she had found which were about his work in China.  It was a wonderful moment for all of us.  Darren also accompanied us to the airport for our departure and stayed with us until the three of us had checked in.

And in Huangshan, truly the highlight of the entire two weeks, Gerry was tireless in making sure that we saw the best of everything.  He spent hours guiding us along the magnificent paths after we had checked into the hotel, even waking up at 5am to make sure all of us took the 40 minute hike to see the sunrise.  Morning, noon, and night, all of the guides in every one of the cities we were in, took good care of us and were informative about the sights. 


The hotels were exceptional and all of the meals delicious.  Thank you so much for that delightful dinner we shared with you in Guilin.  I felt badly that you left your family and shortened your vacation in order to dine with us.  We certainly enjoyed meeting you.  

Thank you, Candy, for working so easily to meet our varying needs.  You responded immediately to each of our requests, customizing the trip so that we could spend most of our days together.  The group who went to Lushan thoroughly enjoyed their time there, and again, especially enjoyed their guide.  And I want to say once again how touched we were when Gary hopped out of the car to run into the bakery to pick up the birthday cake you had ordered for Paul.  You thought of everything!!


My only suggestion is to ask if there is any way of avoiding some of the factory sights where we assume the guides might get a commission if we make purchases?  I think all of us would prefer to be able to choose which ones we might be interested in and perhaps give the guide an extra tip if we choose not to go to a certain factory.  None of us wanted to buy jade--way too expensive.  The "tea ceremony" was no ceremony, just a chance to taste the tea and then pressure to buy it.  The silk factory was indeed interesting and I think most of us were interested in and could afford to buy something in silk.  The problem with these visits is that the guides end up rushing us through something we came to China to see in order to spend one and one half hours seeing something that we don't really want to see.  I think all of us would have preferred to have had some time to shop on our own in the markets in the various cities and villages.  I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

Can you send me your supervisor's email so I can let him know how happy we were with your help?  

In great appreciation,
Janet Butler

Following is Janet Butler wrote to our manager Mr. Tan:

Dear Tan Qiuxin,

I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job Candy did organizing our tour.  I worked with Candy for a couple of months to organize the trip for 7 of us.  She did a phenomenal job and her trip was considerably cheaper than one of your competitor's, China Highlights.  Candy responded promptly, she listened carefully to what we wanted as the group needed  to go in two different directions at one point.  She noticed that we would be arriving in Beijing on my husband's birthday and asked our tour guide to have a cake from the bakery for us.  He did and we enjoyed it immensely.  She found wonderful guides for us at all of our stops.  When she found out some of our family history (our grandfather had been instrumental in helping to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of  Chinese during the Japanese invasion of Nanjing), she contacted the director of the Museum of the Japanese Atrocities in Nanjing and he personally escorted us around the museum.  Candy shortened her vacation with her parents in order to have dinner with us in Guilin right before we flew to Nanjing.  
We had the trip of a lifetime and I cannot thank Candy and Discover  China Tours enough for such a wonderful trip.  We will write strong recommendations for the company on our US Trip Advisor which a lot of people use when planning a trip.

Thank you,
Janet Butler

Operator: Candy
Janet Butler visited were Beijing
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