1 Day Good Guilin Bus Tours--to Discover The Beautiful Landscape in Guilin Reed Flute Cave,Fubo Hill,Seven Star Park, and Elephant Trunk Hill Tour.
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1 Day Good Guilin Bus Tours--to Discover The Beautiful Landscape in Guilin Reed Flute Cave,Fubo Hill,Seven Star Park, and Elephant Trunk Hill Tour.
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Trip Overview:1 Day Good Guilin Bus Tours---to Discover the Beautiful Landscape in Guilin Reed Flute Cave,Fubo Hill,Seven Star Park,and Elephant Trunk Hill and insure you will get a happy day!
Charles and Sachiko Beck
Post By : 21:09 May 15, 2013
Dear Candy,

I am sorry I haven’t written you sooner. After getting backfrom our two-weeks in China and one week in Japan trip, I have been busypreparing for my open studio art exhibit.  I had a problem trying to retrieve my China pictures on my digital SD card. I was finally able to download my pictures of the trip including your picture.

When my husband and I chose the Discover China Tours on the web, we were hoping it would be the right choice. But as soon as we started our correspondence with you, we knew we had made the right choice. You provideda thoughtful and detailed schedule base on our requests, and your very quick responses to our requests were very helpful. We were glad to choose a customized tour. The hotels we stayed in were very nice with contemporary ambience and good service,and the transportation went smoothly.  We also want to thank you for providing us with very friendly professional guides at each city. They paid attention to details for our safety and they were flexible to our requests. They even tried to help us choose alunch menu to satisfy our eating taste. Over all, we enjoyed our trip very much and we came back with good memories and a thousand photographs. Our primary purpose of this trip was visiting ancient cities to observe arts, historicaltemples, and museums. But we also briefly experienced the contrasts between arapidly changing modern urban life style and the traditional old culture inChina. People we met were very friendly, especially young people. We were gladto have some chances to talk with them. Unfortunately, the air pollution in Beijing and Shanghai was rather strong.

We were very happy to see you in person at Guilin. We congratulate you on your excellent work and the staff you work with. Thank you very much again for arranging a memorable China trip.

Charles and Sachiko
Operator: Candy
Charles and Sachiko Beck visited were Beijing
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Ms. Ludmila T.
Post By : 21:32 May 6, 2013
Hey molly!
Thank you very much for the pictures! Please thank Gary too.
We had a wonderful time in China and I would certainly recommend Discover China Tours to anyone! Camila is going to China soon and I just told her how much we all loved Yangshuo and Guilin.
You can surely use our pictures in the website! :)
Thank you again,

Operator: Molly
Ms. Ludmila T. visited were Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin
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Aleda Lella
Post By : 02:52 Apr 27, 2013
Dear Candy,

The three of us from California all arrived home safely and without major delays.  I haven't heard yet from my cousins back east but I trust they are now home, after staying in China a little longer than we did to visit Suzhou.

Thank you so much for a wonderful China experience and such helpful, knowledgable guides.  we had so many beautiful and historic places to visit in such a short period of time.  

We were so pleased to be able to meet you for lunch in Guilin, and thank you so much for the lovely fan and silk bag (for my Ipad mini!).  Although I enjoyed every city and historical site, I think my favorite places were Guilin and Longshen, Lushan/Kuling ( memories of my mother) and Huangshan.

I will be sure to recommend you and Discover China Tours to anyone I know considering a trip to China.

Zai jian and thank you,

Aleda Lella

Operator: Candy
Aleda Lella visited were Beijing, Guilin, Nanjing, Shanghai
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Richard and Susan
Post By : 01:15 Feb 18, 2013

I never got a chance to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed the tour of China that you arranged. I've posted the following on TripAdvisor.

Rick Rosthal

The Link of the great Poster on the Trip Advisor:

My wife and I spent six weeks in China in September - November 2012. The first part of the trip was with Uniworld (disappointing) and three weeks were a private tour arranged with Discover China Tours.
We couldn't have been more happy with our experience.
We dealt with Molly and she was wonderful. We are both active in our mid 60's and we wanted to visit the Southwest part of the country, particularly some places not normally visited by foreigners. During the planning of the trip, we went back and forth putting together our itinerary and she was most helpful. Sometimes we accepted her recommendations and sometimes she modified the tour plan to accomodate our desires. In the end we had a full and memorable tour which gave us just what we wanted.
While in China we visited several places and had different tour guides and drivers in each of the locations. Each guide would leave us at the entry to security at the airport or at the proper waiting area for the train and our next guide would pick us up when we arrived. Each transfer went without a hitch. We had six guides during the trip and I would rate one as good, three as very good and two as excellent and I'm a hard grader.
I know that it is a bit scary to wire money to a Chinese account and then hope that the service is provided as promised, but Discover China Tours gave us everything that we paid for.
Two recommendations I would make is that you have a cell phone with China Mobile while in the country. DCT recommends this and it's a very good idea. Coverage is excellent and I found it reassuring (maybe I'm too nervous) to be able to text our next tour guide the day before just to say that I was looking forward to seeing them and then to get a text back from them. My second recommendation is to have some device (a smart phone, tablet or laptop)  to be able to get email in case they have to get in touch with you. WiFi is generally available in the hotels.
DCT handles tours throughout China. Some of the places we went were: Kunming, LiJiang, Dali, Lugu Lake, Jiuzhaigou, Chengdu, Ya'an, Guilin.
Operator: Molly
Richard and Susan visited were Kunming
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Vichit Choonhapreut
Post By : 03:14 Jan 7, 2013
Hi Wenny,

Nice to receive your email.

I now know why Guilin is so famous.  The sceneries there is beautiful and the air there is not polluted.  So I am sure that the allure of repeat visit is there.

One thing not to be commended is that in the Choon Jee Roasted Duck restaurant too many diners smoked.

Worthy of mention also is the good and helpful service provided by Joe, for which please convey to him my thanks.


Operator: Wenny
Vichit Choonhapreut visited were Guilin
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Daniel and Yael Kord
Post By : 00:57 Nov 27, 2012
Hello Molly,

Yael and I are back home, slowly getting back to our routine, after the wonderful experience of our China tour. We had a great time, learned a lot about China (ancient and modern), visited many fantastic places, had long conversations with our guides to get to know a little bit about life in China today – and most importantly we really enjoyed every day of this trip. The planning was perfect – not too short, not too long, and I think we visited the most important and interesting places, but of course there is much more to see in China… for the next trip.

We would like to thank you again for organizing the tour, the organization was excellent and we thank you for all the efforts you invested in it.
Please extend our thanks also to our tour guides:  Steven in Beijing, Vivian in Shanghai, Joe in Guilin and Chery in Xi-an. All the guides were excellent, very friendly and helpful, speak very good English, and know the history and the background so they provided plenty of interesting facts about the places we visited.

Regarding the Tour Package we purchased from DCT, it was a very good and complete package and everything was in accordance with our expectations. The only comment I have regarding this package is related to our visit to the Great Wall in Mutianyu. We were surprised to find out that the entrance fee provided as part of the package did not include the Cable Car to go up to the wall, so our options were to climb the mountain by foot (a 2 hours walk up) or pay an additional 80 Yuan per person for tickets to the Cable Car. Obviously we purchased the tickets, such a long walk to climb the mountain is not for people our age (and there was not enough time to walk up and down anyway). In fact, almost everybody took the Cable Car, I saw very few young people tired and sweating from the climb up in the wall.  My recommendation for you is that in the future you include this fee in the package, or of not possible make a clear not in the itinerary advising the customers that there is an additional fee for the Cable Car not included in the package. The problem with the first tour guide in Xi-an was no big deal and the most important thing is that you resolved the problem immediately and the next morning we got a different guide – a young girl, not as experiences as the other guides, but she speaks good English and was extremely friendly and helpful so we enjoyed very much the 2 days in her company.

The hotels were all very good, and the night we spent in the Yang Shuo Resort was a very nice surprise. The resort is incredibly beautiful, I think we had never been in such a luxurious and pampering hotel before, too bad we could not stay one more day to rest and enjoy this place!
The flights and the bullet train ride to Shanghai were all very good, and also the cars and drivers. The traffic in China's big cities is very chaotic compared to what we are used to, so it took us a bit to adjust to it, specially to learn how to cross big streets in Beijing.
The only thing that was a bit disappointing was the Acrobatic Show in Beijing. We purchased the tickets from Steven (quite expensive tickets – 380 Yuan each) and expected to see a truly spectacular show; however on day of the performance Steven told us that the show was canceled, or not open to the public, due to political reasons (???), and suggested we go to see Kung-Fu or Chinese Opera instead, but we don't like these and preferred to get our money back. The agency Steven works for made an effort and got tickets for us in a different Acrobatic Show, and Steven took us there in the evening to make sure we find the place. I am sure this was all done with the best intention so we enjoy our tour, but the truth is that the alternative Acrobatic Show was disappointing; it took place in the cinema of a public library, and the quality of the performance could be better – certainly not the level we expected for such expensive tickets (unlike the show we saw in Yang Shuo, which was simply amazing).  This was not Steven's fault, he was just trying to be helpful, but I think it is important to provide you this feedback for the future.
We developed a very warm relationship with the guides, they told us many things about their lives in China and we told them a little about Israel and the life here. At the end we tried to show our appreciation by giving each one a good tip, we hope they were happy.

This is my "Trip Report", a very good one – I must say. We enclose one picture of Yael and me (taken by Joe). You can be sure that when I hear about friends traveling to China I will recommend your services.

Thanks a lot for everything, and our best wishes for you, Molly !

Daniel and Yael Kord
A Couple of Happy Customers

Operator: Molly
Daniel and Yael Kord visited were Beijing
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