Located at the heart of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Kunming is not only the capital but also the transportation hub of Yunnan Province. Encircled by mountains and adjoining the highland Dianchi Lake in the south, Travel to Kunming is a city of picturesque landscapes, famous for the Stone Forest. It has neither scorching summer nor freezing winter. Flowers bloom in a riot of color and plants flourish all year round, thus giving Kunming another name--"Spring City." You can enjoy it in the International Horticultural Exposition Park. Its people are known for their varied and exotic customs. Its land is dotted with historical artifacts and other places of cultural interest.

What views in Kunming?

Dianchi Lake            Stone Forest              The International Horticultural Exposition Park
                Dianchi Lake                                       Stone Forest                             The International Horticultural Exposition Park

1 Day Kunming City Tour--Stone Forest Tour

CPKM04 -- 1 Day(s)

4 Days Yunnan Lijiang Tour

CPYN05 -- 4 Day(s)

5 Days Yunnan Lijiang Highlight Tour

CPYN06 -- 5 Day(s)


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