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Ancient City of Jiaohe

Ancient City of Jiaohe Travel Guide

The Ancient City of Jiaohe stands isolated on a 30-meter-high plateau in the Ya┬┤ernaizi Valley, 13 kilometers east of Turpan.

The Ancient City of Jiaohe is situated on an island between two rivers and was initially built about 2000 years ago and for a long period of time. The Ancient City of Jiaohe, situated along the Silk Road, was of great military significance and played a pivotal role in the economic development of Western and Eastern countries. Since its decline, what was left of the city has steadily deteriorated.

At present, natural forces threaten the site erosion by gale force winds which blow dust and sand against the walls and fill the streets and courtyards with sand. Erosion of the cliffs by floodwater, threatening them with collapse, is the most serious and urgent threat to the ruins.

Today, this is a well preserved site and a more atmospheric spot to wander and imagine times gone by then the city at Gaochang. Well preserved temples, pagodas and streets are dotted around. A Buddhist monastery marks the center of the city and there are some ancient filled wells here too. The crumbling sand colored walls of the buildings reflect the color of the desert and the surrounding sand dunes. Allow at least one hour to explore this intriguing city.


You can cycle here from Turpan if temperatures are not too hot.

Ancient City of Jiaohe Photo-1, Silk Road, Turpan

Ancient City of Jiaohe Photo-1, Silk Road, Turpan

Ancient City of Jiaohe Photo-2, Silk Road, Turpan.

Ancient City of Jiaohe Photo-3, Silk Road, Turpan

Ancient City of Jiaohe Photo-4, Silk Road, Turpan.

Ancient City of Jiaohe Photo-5, Silk Road, Turpan.

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