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Do not ask where am I from, it is not important, where are you heading is more importatn in my personal opinion where am I heading is important indeed. I like thinking quietly and I like music, sometime I am very sensitive. My favorite song is Yesterday Once More sung by Carbenter--a famous mezzo-sonprano singer, when the music is sounded I always get lost in her low vioce, I just sit in the sofa, recalling all the happy things which have been gone away...

How happy we was once , but when we grow up, We feel it is hard to find out what is we really need, it is so difficult to find our dreams, so many problems puzzle us that we can not  find out where our soul have been gone? After so many years of  searching, I got the way, just away from the work, away from the crowds and let yourself alone, set your heart free, and get near to the nature and you will hear the singing voice from your heart in the silence...

No matter what will happen, please do not forget your smile, we always believe that it's  important to have a communication with  your heart! Just come to China, away from the familiar environment and people, just join in us, to experience a different kind of life and it is also a journey of  heart. Joint us to discovery the mystery of China----a country with a civilization of more than  5000 years!


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