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Useful Chinese blessing

金玉满堂 (jin yu man tang)
Treasures fill the home

生意兴隆 (sheng yi xing long)
Business flourishes

岁岁平安 (sui sui ping an)
Peace all year round

恭喜发财 (gong xi fa cai)
Wishing you prosperity

和气生财 (he qi sheng cai)
Harmony brings wealth

心想事成 (xin xiang shi cheng)
May all your wishes come true

吉祥如意 (ji xiang ru yi)
Everything goes well

国泰民安 (guo tai min an)
The country flourishes and people live in peace

招财进宝 (zhao cai jin bao)
Money and treasures will be plentiful

一帆风顺 (yi fan feng shun)
Wishing you every success

步步高升 (bu bu gao sheng)
Promoting to a higher position

出入平安 (chu ru ping an)
Safe trip wherever you go

郎才女貌 (lang cai nv mao)
talented guy and beautiful lady

天缘巧合 (tian yuan qiao he)
a destiny given by heaven and a wonderful match

天作之和 (tian zuo zhi he)
a match by heaven

心心相印 (xin xin xiang ying)
a complete meeting of minds

永结同心 (yong jie tong xin)
to be of one mind forever

相亲相爱 (xiang qin xiang ai)
to be kind and love to each other

百年好合 (bai nian hao he)
a harmonious union lasting foreverness

永浴爱河 (yong yu ai he)
bathe in a river of love forever

佳偶天成 (jia ou tian cheng)
an ideal couple

百年琴瑟 (ban nian qin se)
married couple for a hundred years

百年偕老 (bai nian xie lao)
(of a married couple) to stick to each other for a hundred years

花好月圆 (hua hao yue yuan)
the flowers are in full bloom, and the moon is full-ideal time for wedding

福禄鸳鸯 (fu lu yuan yan)
a happy wealthy couple

美满良缘 (mei man liang yuan)
a happy and wonderful marriage

夫唱妇随 (fu chang fu sui)
the man sings, the wife follows - domestic harmony

珠联璧合 (zhu lian bi he)
an excellent match

凤凰于飞 (feng huang yu fei)
a couple of phoenixes on the wing-happy marriage

美满家庭 (mei man jia ting)
a happy family

琴瑟和鸣 (qin se he ming)
marital harmony; happy married life

相敬如宾 (xiang jing ru bin)
(of a married couple) to respect each other as if the other were a guest

同心同德 (tong xin tong de)
to be of one mind

宜室宜家 (yi shi yi jia)
to make a harmonious and orderly home breath

鸾凤和鸣 (luan feng he ming)
harmony in marriage

白头偕老 (bai tou xie lao)
(of a married couple) to stick to each other till the hair turns gray

情投意合 (qing tou yi he)
to be congenial; to agree in taste and temperament

花开并蒂 (hua kai bing di)
a good marriage

美满良缘 (mei man liang yuan)
A happy and wonderful marriage

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