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Strong Earthquake Jolts Southwest China

Strong Earthquake Jolts Southwest ChinaThe 7.8 -magnitude earthquake jolted Wenchuan, a mountainous region, 92 km away from provincial capital Chengdu in Sichuan province, on the mid-afternoon of 12.May, 2008. The terrible earthquake struck 57 miles northwest of Chengdu, but its tremors were felt from Bangkok to Beijing. Beijing buildings were spotted swaying for as long as two minutes. In addition, nearly all the provinces all over China have been shaken except Heilongjiang , Xinjiang and Jilin.

The killer quake toppled buildings, schools and chemical plants, trapping unknown numbers in mounds of concrete, steel, wooden frames, bricks and earth in China’s worst earthquake in three decades. Roads to Wenchuan County, epicenter of the quake, were blocked by fallen rocks and debris. Sichuan provincial officials said more than one third of the buildings and houses in Wenchuan were leveled off. It has killed more than 10,000 people with the number likely to rise in the coming days.

Chinese President Hu Jintao, back to Beijing following a 5-day state visit to Japan, convened a CPC Politburo Standing Committee meeting Monday night, and ordered all-out efforts for the rescue. More than 16,000 PLA officers, soldiers and police have rushed to the quake-stricken areas. PLA armies are sending heavy machinery to clear the roads.
The confirmed national death toll reached 12,300 by 2 am Wednesday, nearly all of them in Sichuan, according to the temporary disaster relief headquarters headed by Premier Wen Jiabao, who arrived in Dujiangyan, to oversee the rescue work hours after the quake.

Another 9,404 were buried in debris, 7,841 were missing and 26,206 people were injured, according to the headquarters.
Premier Wen Jiabao, heading a slew of government ministers and leading the overall rescue endeavoring, flew to Sichuan province Monday evening. Wen inspected a local hospital and a middle school in Juyuan town, where a three-story high school collapsed and up to 900 students were trapped in the rubbles.

Earthquake, Wenchuan, SichuanAt the same time, every Chinese People have been paying more attentions to the stricken people who are in need and all the Chinese people are trying their best to donate to them.


Latest News of China Earthquake

At present, many people are concerned for the China earthquake victims. If you want to know more news about the earthquake, please click here or visit www.chinaview.cn - a China official news agency.


Giant Pandas Now

Giant Panda is beloved by people from all over the world. It is a symbol of world biodiversity conservation, peace and friendship. The giant panda is also nature's gift to Chengdu and the province of Sichuan. We know the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake was very close to the Wolong Panda Reserve. Fortunately, Giant pandas are safe and sound after earthquake.

Giant Panda is safe after earthquakeMeanwhile, the chief veterinarian and assistant director for Wolong were at the Chengdu Panda Base at the time of the earthquake and he has emailed that he is safe.

The 86 giant pandas raised at the China Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Center, about 30 kilometers from the southwest China earthquake epicenter, were all safe and sound, the State Forestry Administration (SFA) confirmed on Tuesday.

All the panda cubs had been transported to safety, the Wolong center told SFA by satellite telephone after being out of contact for 30 hours.

All 144 pandas raised in three panda research bases in Chengdu, Wolong and Xi'an -- all in the quake zone -- were unharmed.

China has more than 1,590 pandas living in the wild in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. Their safety is still unknown, Xinhua learnt from the administration.

Sichuan, the worst hit province, is home to 75 percent of China's wild pandas while Shaanxi has 17 percent and Gansu 7 percent, according to the administration.

The SFA urged the panda reserves to step up safety checks to protect staff and pandas.

Local bases should closely monitor pandas in the wild, and provide promptly rescue injured pandas, the SFA said.

Beijing Olympic & Earthquake

Earthquake shakes sporting world

China's biggest earthquake in 32 years has rocked all aspects of life and the sports world is no exception.

The State General Administration for Sports has vowed to donate five million yuan ($714,000) to relief efforts while athletes are keen to provide further assistance to the quake-hit area in Sichuan province.

Earthquake, Sichuan"We will make the donation on behalf of our Olympic athletes," read a statement released yesterday. "We would like to do whatever we can and we are ready to respond anytime.

"We are here to offer our condolences to people involved in the earthquake."

Joining the administration is NBA all-star center Yao Ming, who has promised to donate 500,000 yuan ($71,400) while the men's and women's basketball teams, both offered 100,000 yuan ($14,300) yesterday.

Badminton head coach Li Yongbo, who is leading the national team at the Thomas and Uber Cups in Indonesia, and snooker star Ding Jinghui have each provided 100,000 yuan ($14,300) as well.

The administrations are collecting information from Sichuan but no athletes were reported injured by 7 pm yesterday. However, the quake has no doubt affected Chinese athletes who are preparing for the Beijing Olympics, which is less than 90 days away.

The eighth round of the Chinese soccer Super League that was scheduled for today was postponed until Saturday. Chinese Football Association (CFA) is planning to stage a series of charity competitions to make donations for Sichuan.

"The charity games are at the top of our agenda," said Lu Feng, director of the league's managing company. "We want to lend a hand to those who are suffering from the quake. We are working on a specific charity plan, and we will announce it as soon as possible."

The quake also put Vision China Project, a nation-wide grassroots soccer event held by Asian Football Confederation, to an abrupt end.

AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam and Xie Yalong, vice-president of CFA were co-hosting a press conference in Chengdu when the quake hit yesterday afternoon.

All the attendance in the press conference evacuated safely and no body was injured.

Sichuan is a major province on China's sporting map. Its history of producing Olympic champions dates back to the 1980's when Zhang Rongfang and Zhu Ling helped China win a women's volleyball gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympics, as well as three world championships titles in a row.

Earthquake, DujiangyanOther high-profile athletes from Sichuan include table tennis Olympic gold medalist Chen Longcan, judo world champion Tan Lin and Olympic shooting champion Zhang Shan.

Sichuan's latest national treasures are Grand Slam doubles champions Zheng Jie and Yan Zi, both from Chengdu. The duo is currently competing in the WTA Rome Open in Italy. Both were assured that their families are safe.

"I've contacted their parents and texted the players and they are OK," said Gao Shenyang, vice-director of the Chinese Tennis Association. "We will keep in touch with their families and try to let the duo stay away from concerns."

Earlier yesterday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) expressed support to China as well.

"We give our deepest condolences to the victims. The Olympic movement is at your side, especially during these difficult moments," IOC President Jacques Rogge said in a letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao.

"Our thoughts are with you," Rogge added in the letter, which was penned early in the morning as the scale of the disaster was just becoming apparent.

Messages from the IOC have also been sent to Liu Qi, president of the Organizing Committee for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the IOC said in a statement.

Tips for Tourists to Sichuan

Planning a trip to China? Most of China has been unharmed by the earthquake, only towns and cities near Chengdu were affected. Travel is still safe and those areas that have experienced problems are receiving aid from the government and international organizations. However, it is still a good idea to check whether attractions are open and roads are clear before heading to the Sichuan province.

For updates on Chengdu attractions contact:

Donation to People in need

Donation to People in need

The earthquake that hit China so unexpectedly on Monday has left many victims and devastation in its wake.

If you would like to donate to the victims of this disaster you can go to the following official website.

Thank you!