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Wulong, the film location of Transformer IV Age of Extinction

Transformer IV Age of Extinction has run in China from June 27, 2014. The box office at the first two days has reached four hundred million Chinese Yuan, more than sixty million dollars. Movie fans might have noticed the first shot of dinosaurs’ extinction and the most shocking scene of picturesque valley where the Optimus Prime persuaded his dinosaur army, swung his sword,  and rode the dinosaur back to their battlefield. That was shot in Wulong County in Chongqing. In the year of 2007, China South Karst Phase I, which includes Wulong Karst, was listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, and was national AAAAA scenic spot.

Wulong had been selected as film location for Curse of the Golden Flower by Yimou Zhang and the most popular national variety show of Dad Where Are We Going in Hunan TV. Since the release of Transformer IV, Wulong is well-known by global movie fans. It becomes a hot travel destination.

Tw hours’ driving from Chongqing, travelers arrive at Wulong County. There are several poetic scenic spots in Wulong, such as Fairy Mountain, Three Natural Bridge, Furong Cave, Houping Sky Hole, Longshuixia Ground Fracturing, White Horse Mountain, and so on.

How to reach Wulong:

There are several trains departing Chongqing Longtousi Railway Station to Wulong

Take shuttle bus from Chongqing Longtousi Bus Station or Nanping Sili Bus Station to Wulong or self-drive to inner ring of highway in Chongqing and drive to Chongqing-Hunan Highway at Nanchuan, arrive at Wulong for next two hours.

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