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To Discover One of the Most beautiful Village in China

Danba, a land of idyllic beauty that forgotten place by the world, has a very attractive and featured scenic spot, which was elected by National Geography the most beautiful village in China. That is Jiaju Tibetan Village. 

Departing from Chengdu, tourists have several ways leading to Danba. The way from Balang Mountain of Xiaojin County was destroyed by the earthquake in 2008 and still under constructing. So, the way from Ya’an and Luding to Danba is the best choice.

On the way, there is not much scenery on the way but only a Luding Bridge worthy picturing.

Morning departing from Chengdu allows tourists arrive at Danba in the late afternoon and then soon to Jiaju Tibetan Village.

Entering Jiaju Tibetan Village is just like going in to the idyllic fairyland decorated by scattered Tibetan houses of high altitudes. The distribution of both bright and bleak colors shocks your sensory organ. Looking from distance, the old castles, watch towers, houses are situated intensively or dotted distributed in high hill or river bank or hidden in the forest. The scene impresses tourists like a continuously gallery. All tourists who coming here have to admitted that they admired the wisdom of the Tibetan ancestors who created this ecological residence integrated with human and nature.

People always choose their travel destinations far away from the place they are living or too much familiar with. In fact, far or close is not only mean by distance, but the distance of sightseeing, notion or life style. This kind of travel makes people feel diversified and wonderful world.