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Lugu Lake in Dreams

One of the must-visit spot in Yunnan tour is Lugu Lake, which need about 7 hours to drive from Lijiang. It is one of the highest inland lakes in China, with 2/3 in Sichuan Territory and 1/3 in Yunan. There lives an ancient people – Mosuos, which is a branch of the Mongols; but officially, Mosuos in Yunan belongs to the Nakhi. So far the Mosuos are still continuing the production mode of matriarchal society; the grandmother who is the leader of a family manages all affairs. Because of this mysterious nation, Lugu Lake seems more mystical and magnificent.   

Lugu Lake

When arriving at Lugu Lake, the local guide introduced Mosuos’ custom of walking marriage to us and invited us to join their campfire party. In the party, you can send your love signal to the girl you love. In the eyes of Mosuos, a man who can pursue love boldly and bravely is worth of being loved.

Lugu Lake 01

Before entering Lugu Lake, we visited a Mosuo family; the sister introduced the family to us. The grandmother takes charge of allocating the expense and works; in fact, the grandmother may not be the eldest woman in the family, but must be the most capable one. She manages the family quite well, arranging each family member to do their own duty with strengthening their advantages so as to make the family richer with a high reputation. 

Girl in Lugu Lake

In the afternoon, we arrived at the Lige Penisula of Lugu Lake where you can see the wood houses facing the lake, as well as beautiful sunset glow and the unpredictable scenes reflected in the clear water. It seems like a resort, which is more unsophisticated and quiet than the modern resorts.

In the evening, we went to the small Luoshui Village which 20 minutes driving from Lige. It is a Mosuo village. The people are so kind and warm to treat the visitors with their delicious food and wine, as well as their traditional buttered tea.  

After dinner, we joined in the campfire party, where the Mosuo boys will send their Love signals to the loved girl; if the girl accept him; they will make an appointment and the boy will be allowed to get up to the girl’s Hualou, that is Walking Marriage. Of course, most of the campfires now are shows to visitors. 

What a pleasant surprise of the night scenery of Lugu Lake; you can enjoy lots of flickering stars in the sky, which make us a little vertiginous, seeming like staying in a dream. This may not been seen and felt in the modern cities.

Recommended itinerary:
Day 1: Drive to Lugu Lake after breakfast – arrive at Lige Penisula – have dinner and campfire at the Small Luoshui Village – back to Lige for rest
Day 2: Drive around the lake after breakfast – back to Lige in the afternoon and free time to roam around – barbecue and enjoy stars in the evening
Day 3: Drive back to Lijiang after breakfast.