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Trave in Ngari – On the way (1)

Travel in Ngari-departure

Departing from Wenbu and go on to the west, we stepped into the wide and lonely land of Ngari soon.

Ngari located at the west of Tibet and bordered on India, Nepal and Kashmir district with the total area of more than 300,000 km2 including 60,000 population in 7 counties and an average elevation of 4500 meters, is the district of the smallest population density in the world.

Ngari gathering the mountains of Himalayas, Gangtise, Karakorums and Kunlun is known as “the Ancestor of Mountains”. Meantime, it is also the birthland of Yarlung Zangbo River, Indus River and Ganges River so as to be named “The Source of Rivers”. It features the rolling mountains, star-studded lakes and boundless meadows. 

Travel in Ngari

 It is heard before that, Tiber is the ridge of the world while Ngari is the ridge of the global ridge; if you haven’t went to Ngari in your Tibet tour, it is not a worthy tour of Tibet for you. And you cannot become a real adventurer. Ngari is a holy land for believers, a paradise for adventurers, a dream for mountaineer and a heaven for tourists. Anyhow, for me, there are ancient Shangshung and Kuger, thousand-year historical figures, cliff and cave paintings remaining aloof from the world, holy mountains and lakes for several religious in Middle and South Asia, as well as the beautiful landscapes in this muilticultural place, which make me yearn for at heart.

Local life in Ngari

On the way there are almost no people, but the nature has never been mean to this land. we can always see many wild animals around us, including running goas and kiangs, elegant black-necked cranes and legendary wild yals……

In this magnificent and desolate land, you can gallop freely… the farther the road, the closer our heart.

Ngari, my dream! I come!