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Hulunbuir Grassland sightseeing tour in Inner Mongolia

HulunbuirGrassland, one of the four biggest grasslands in the world, locates eastern grassland in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. The grassland, totalarea of 93,000 square km, got the name from Hulun Lake and Buir Lake.Wheat, potato and small amount of vegetables can be planted in the grassland because of its yearly average temperature of zero degrees centigrade.

Hulunbuir Grassland is pure land, created by Nature, heaven on earth in illusion, ideal homeland for modern people who neglect her carelessly and retrieve her back byall means. The grassland was selected as the top of Chinese six most beautiful grasslands in China by Chinese National Geography.

Hulunbuir Grassland, the place that Chinese is proud of, is attractive by extensively large grassland, blue sky and floating clouds, as well as Mongolian yurts dotting in the land. Travelers can also enjoy wonderful horse racing, horses training, wrestling, archery, and exciting songs and dance performance. The best time to travel Hulunbuir Grassland is from May to mid-September in Summer and November to next mid-February in Winter.

To the grassland, travelers have to arrive at Hailar District, the political and economical center of Hulunbuir. There are trains from BeijingHarbin, Hohhotand Baotou, flights from Beijing and Hohhot. Tourist buses are available from downtown to the grassland by one hour’s drive. 

Recommended itinerary:

Day 1 Arrival Hailar District, sightseeing in downtownto Genghis Khan SquareHarker Sites Museum.

Day 2 be driven to grassland, enjoy songs and dances performance, wrestling and horse racing, flavor meals, horse riding on the landand attend campfire party, driven back to city.

Day 3 morning bus to Hulun Lake area to cruise, havelunch, and bus to Manchuria visiting trading market of China and Russia, Gateway of country, be driven back to Hailar.

Day 4 visit Hailar National Forest Park, and depart Hailar.