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Kam Greand Choirs - Treasures of Dong Minority People


Kam Grand Choirs also named Grand Choeur des Kam, or Gal Laox, it is a Natural Chorus with Multi-Tone, No Command, without Accompaniment. It belongs to Dong Minority Nationality People with more than 2500 years history. In 2009, Kam Grand Choirs was list on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
1. Chorus in harmony with the leading singer, high to low multi-voices.
2. At least 3 persons as a team when perform.
3. Kam Grand Choirs is the carrier of Dong's knowledge and culture. Learning how to sing is an important part of life and education in Dong minority area.
Where we could enjoy Kam Grand Choirs?
In Dong Minority Regions in Guangxi and Guizhou Provice in Southwest of China, include: Liping County, Congjiang County and Rongjiang County in Guizhou; Sanjiang County in Guangxi.

The cradle of Kam Grand Choirs is Xiaohuang village in Zenggao Town of Congjiang County. Now there are 67 Kam Grand Choirs Teams, with more than 1700 members.


1. Flight: take the air to Liping Airport, you could visit Liping County, Congjiang County and Rongjiang County; take the air to Guilin Airport, you could visit Sanjiang County.

2. High speed train: take the high speed train from Guangzhou to Guiyang, you could get off on Rongjiang, Congjiang and Sanjiang station.