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What to See in Yangshuo for a Whole Year

Feb 09, 2017

Still hesitate to choose the best travel time? Just come here whenever you like. Sightseeing or adventure, you can get both of them in Yangshuo! When you come, you heart will never leave. January Spring Festival is approaching...

Kam Greand Choirs - Treasures of Dong Minority People

Feb 06, 2017

Kam Grand Choirs is a Natural Chorus with Multi-Tone, No Command, without Accompaniment in Dong minority areas with more than 2500 years history.

Guilin Yulong River Upstream Winter Hiking to Swallow Lake of Fairyland

Dec 21, 2016

This is a rustic scenery of Yulong River upstream along Tortoise River to Swallow Lake hikking program. The road is flat field, you will see 3 ancient stone arch bridges.

Tibet Permit

May 26, 2016

Here we introdue what is tibet travel permit, how to apply it, when to apply it and Documents for application.

How to read the information on a Chinese train ticket

Mar 23, 2017

Help you to get the correct information on Chinese train ticket, and go to the right railway station.

China Passenger Trains Introduction

Feb 28, 2017

We introduce you different types and speeds of China passenger trains, also the facilities on train.

Chinese Embassy in South Africa

Jan 31, 2019

Chinese Embassy in South AfricaAmbassador: Tian XuejunAddress: 225 ATHLONE STREET, ARCADIA0083, PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICAP.O.BOX 95764, WATERKLOOF 0145Tel: 0027-12-4316500Fax: 0027-12-3424154Website: http://www.chinese-embassy.org.za    ...

Chinese Embassy in D.R. Congo

Jun 11, 2018

Chinese Embassy in D.R. CongoAmbassador: Wang YingwuAddress: NO.447, AVENUE DES AVIATEURS, GOMBE,  KINSHASA, REPUBLIQUE  DEMOCRATIQUE DU CONGOP.O.BOX 9098 KINSHASAArea Code: 00243Tel: 00243-813330263Fax: 00873-763667861Website:...

Chinese Embassy in D.P.R.K.(the Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

May 15, 2016

Chinese Embassy in D.P.R.K.(the Democratic People's Republic of Korea)Ambassador: Liu HongcaiAddress: KINMAUL-DONG, MORANBONG DISTRICT, PYONGYANG, D.P.R OF KOREA Tel: 00850-2-3813116; Fax: 00850-2-3813425Web: http://kp.china-embassy.org   ...