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Garzi Overview

Garzi Overview

Garzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is in the west of Sichuan Province, it is also called the Homeland of Love Song because of he famous Kangding Love Song. In the long history of developing, Garzi had been the center of transportation and culture in ancient time. It has various and long culture, what's more, it has very distinctive geographical features.

Garzi locates in the main path of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. The Ancient Tea Horse Road derives from Tang and Song dynasty. It was an international business trading and culture exchange channel in the ancient time. Livestock husbandry was the preponderant industry in Tibet while tea industry was prosperous in the main land; therefore an exchanging market was created in the first place. Mabang was a caravan that used horses to carry commodities to the market; it was a very special mode of transportation in the southwest area. They helped the market thrive, and connected Tibetan people with people in main land. Despite of trading, the road was also a road of exchanging and fusing different cultures. For example, Buddhism was passed to Tibet on this road.

There are more than 20 ethnic minorities living in Garzi, including Zang, Hui, Bai, Dai and so on, which makes it the essence region of Khampa Culture, because all of the cultures mixed together. Traveling around Khampa region, you can see all the local buildings, folk houses, ethnic decorations, folk custom, and folk festival performance and so on. What’s more, it has the most completely reserved Tibetan culture classic and Tibetan Medical Theory researches. Take Horse Racing Festival for example, it is not only an festival activity but also a demonstration of ethnic spirit. Long-distance racing, sprint, shooting, skills are the main projects in the horse-racing meeting.

Garzi’s special landform gives it irreplaceable scenery. The majestic Gongga Mountain is the highest and most famous of Sichuan’s Mountains, moreover, it’s the eleventh highest mountain in the world at 7556 metrs asl. The most beautiful famous mountains in China are Shenrezig, Jambeyang and Chanadordje Mountains. They are three holy mountains in Tibetan Buddhism. There is also the most beautiful glacier in China called Hailuogou. It’s the easternmost glacier in Asia and is situated at the lowest latitude. Chuansi prairie is the most beautiful prairie in China. A rolling green hills cluster around the prairie, Tibetan yak walk on the vast grassland, the clean blue sky covers this blessing land, all makes the prairie is a place you must visit.

In Garzi, you can experience religion culture, Kangba culture, and other folk culture. You can also explore the Ancient Tea Horse Road and the pretty scenery on the Southeast of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

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