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Hailuogou Travel Guide

Hailuogou locates at the east of Minya Konka, southeastern of Garzi Prefecture, under the foot of Konka Peak, famous for the contemporary glaciers with low altitude. Particularly, the grand ice fall is as high as to a thousand meters, tenfold to Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou.

There are 4 campsites in Hailuogou. The entry is in Moxi county. After entry, you will arrive at the first campsite by taking cable car. The first campsite has vast taxus chinensis forest. You can see smoke and haze rising from the hot spring when you are near to the second campsite. It has approximately 10 outdoor hot spring pools in different sizes. leaving the second campsite and passing an icy lake, you reach to the third campsite. It's the begining of the glacier scenery. It's also a good spot to appreciate the grand scenery that the sun shines on the whole mountain in the morning. If you want to have a better view at glacier, you can take cable car to the forth campsite where you can feel the spectacular big glacier scenery.

Transportation Tips:
route 1: Chengdu-ya'an-erlang mountain-hailuogou (duration:4-6 hours)
route 2: Chengdu-ya'an-shimian-hailuogou (duration:3.5 hours)
route 3: Chengdu Shuangliu Airport-Kangding-Luding/Yajiageng-hailuogou

Bus Station phone number
Xinnanmen Bus Station:028—85433609
Moxi to Chengdu long-distance Bus Station 0836—3266503
Huding Bus Station 0836—3125082
Kangding Bus Station 0836—2822211
Danba Bus Station 0836—3523529


Bus from Chengdu or Kangding Bus Station or private car

DCT Tips:

1.cable car open time 7:30am-1:00pm, stop selling tickets at 12:50pm. Althought taking cable car is optional, most of the tourists would choose cable car because of the long disdances.
2.Best time to visit: winter and spring
3.strenuous exercise is unfavorable in the high-altitude scenic area
4.Do not drink alcohol before hot spring bath

Hailuogou is famous for glacier and ice fall
Glacier on Hailuogou

Hailuogou is famous for glacier and ice fall

Glacier on Hailuogou

Hailuogou tour guide, discover Hailuogou

Glacier and Ice Fall on Hailuogou

Chengdu to Hailuogou adventure tour from highway by car

Natural Scenery at Hailuogou

Visit the plantation, forest, glacier and ice fall in Hailuogou

Forest in Hailuogou

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