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Linfen Travel Guide

Linfen Travel Guide

Linfen City is located in the southwest of Shanxi Province and Yellow River is on its west. It is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the source of the word "China". According to the records of "Emperor Century" (the book was written in 266-316 AD), the capital of Emperor Yao (2168-2097 BC) was Pingyang which is today's Linfen. And another historical book "Yugong" (this book was written in 475-221 BC)recorded the ancient country of China was divided into 9 states, and Pingyang was the state which located in the center of the 9, so it was call "the state in the middle". "China" in Chinese directly translate is the same as "the state in the middle".

With a long history, Linfen has many national intangible cultural heritage projects, such as Southern Shanxi Powerful Gong and Drums, Sky Tower Lion Dance, Yicheng Flower Drum Dance, Puzhou Opera, Pingyang Wood New Year Picture,Locust Tree Ancestor Worship Customs, etc.

Southern Shanxi Powerful Drums
It is an art form of folk percussion instrument, which originated in the period of Yao and Shun Emperor with a long history. During the performance, the drums sound like thunder, unconstrained, integrating music and dance. The performance team combines the changes of drum points to make a variety of dance, while changing the queue.

Sky Tower Lion Dance
Also known as "the Lions Climb the Bench Tower". This form of performance has more than 1000 years history. Its artistic characteristics is adventurous. 
The assistant builds a 9 meters tower with 29 benches in several minutes, the trainer actor lead two big and four small lions (the big lion was played by two actors, and the small was one actor) star to dance according to the beat of the band. Then the trainer climb to the top of the benches tower in several seconds, posing as a pheasant standing on one foot, handstand doing calligraphy show, etc. After that, the lions star to climb the tower, the two big lions fight for each other and take a series of dangerous actions. The small lions are also chasing each other, very cute.

Locust Tree Ancestor Worship Customs
In the 50 years from Hongwu to Yongle in the Ming Dynasty, there were 18 official migration under the Locust Tree in Hongtong. It is the largest, longest and widest official migration in history. The residents living here were sent to more than 500 counties in 18 provinces of China. Over the past 600 years, the immigrant from the Loucust Tree returned to their hometown to worship their ancestors, then forming a long tradition of ancestor worship culture. The activities of ancestor worship are usually held around the Tomb Sweeping Festival in April for 10 days. Now, in order to let more tourists experience this folk custom, Linfen has build Hongtong Locust Tree Ancestor Memorial Garden, with folk performances every day.

In addition to rich intangible cultural heritage, you could also enjoy beautiful scenery in Linfen, such as Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River, Shiwo Baojing, Linfen Fen River Park, etc. As well as various historical sites, such as Huoma Jin State Site, Guangsheng Temple, Feihong Colored Glaze Tower, Yao Temple and China Gate, etc.

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Linfen Tour Guide

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