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Lake Manasorovar

Lake Manasorovar Travel Guide

With an altitude of almost 4,588m, Lake Manasorovar is one of the fresh water lakes with the highest elevation in the world. Its deepest part is 81m and perimeter of walking around the lake is about 84km. Located 30km southeast of holy Mt. Kangrinboqe, Lake Manasorovar covers an area of over 400 square km. In Tibetan, Manasorovar means “a forever undefeated and invincible jade lake”.

The perimeter of Lake Manasorovar is about 84 km. It will take three days to walk around the lake on foot, and about five days if making a long kowtow.
There is a road around on the lakeside of the holy lake. You may drive your car to walk around the lake, visit monasteries surrounding the lake and have a bath in the natural hot spring on the lakeside. Please remember to take away some water of the holy lake and sand on the lakeside when leaving. Those are precious presents.

There are Jiwu Monastery, Langbuna Monastery, Seralong Monastery, Chukug Monastery and Guozu Monastery around the holy lake, among which Chukug Monastery is the biggest one around the lake and also it is an important site to hold the annual bath ceremony. Jiwu Monastery lies in Jiwu Village. There is the shortest distance from Jiwu Monastery to the holy mountain. What’s more, it is an important tourist distributing center.
Lake Manasorovar is the oldest and holiest place among all the holy lands of the Buddhism, Hinduism and Bon. It is a perfect lake in people’s hearts, a real paradise in the universe and the Shangri-la of all the spirits.


Usaually people will walk around the Lake Manasarovar at the foot of the holy mountain after finishing walking around the Kangrinboqe.

DCT Tips:

Being the top in three Tibetan saint lakes, Lake Manasorovar is the source of Maquan River, Shiquan River, Langchen Zangbo and Kongqi River.
Pay more attention to the changeable climate and cliffy roads, carrying with enough clothing.
Please protect environment.

Lake Manasorovar,Ali Travel Guide
Beautiful Lake Manasorovar in Ali, Tibet

Lake Manasorovar,Ali Travel Guide

Beautiful Lake Manasorovar in Ali, Tibet

Lake Manasorovar,Ali Travel Guide

Winter of Lake Manasorovar

Lake Manasorovar,Ali Travel Guide

Lake Manasorovar

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