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Shuangqiao Valley (of Mt. Siguniangshan Scenic Area)

Shuangqiao Valley Travel Guide

There are three valleys on the foot of Mt. Siguniang, and Shuangqiao Valley is one of them. Its specialty is alpine meadow, millennial seabuckthorn and stratified snow mountain view. Every step you walk is a camera aperture especially when you approach the terminal point of Shuangqiao Valley.

Useful Information of Shuangqiao Valley:

Altitude: about 3000 meter

Openning: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Location: about 7 km west to Mt. Siguniang Town (also called Ri Long Town), Xiaojin County of Ngawa.

Suggested touring time: 0.5 - 1 day

Best season: autumn (colourful leaves)

Ticket price:

Peak season (Apr. 1 to Nov. 30): RMB80/person

Slack season (Dec. 1 to next Mar. 30): RMB50/person

Travel tips:

1. There are scenic area shuttle service in Shuangqiao Valley, the shuttle buses are rolling-start during openning hours to every stop in the valley.

2. The highlights of Shuangqiao Valley is after half distance to the entrance.

3. We suggest you to take the shuttle bus to the last stop and walk back to enjoy the beautiful view, if you are tired, you could take the bus in the nearest stop.

4.0.5 day is just for glance, we suggest you to spend a whole day here.

5. There is no restaurant in the valley, we suggest you to take some food and beverage. The local Tibetan residents in the valley will sell snack such as mutton shashlik and patato.


take tour bus or rent a car from downtown Mt. Siguniang Town (take distance bus from Chengdu to Xiaojin County and change local bus to Mt. Siguniang Town).

DCT Tips:

You could not see Mt. Siguniang in Shuangqiao Valley, but there are other snow moutains around, the highliths here are varied scenes.

Gate of Shuangqiao Valley Scenic Area

Gate of Shuangqiao Valley Scenic Area

Stream in Shuangqiao Valley

We could not view Mt. Siguniang here, but there are still snow mountains around

Autumn is the best season in Shuangqiao Valley, really colorful.

White pagoda shows the local residents in Shuangqiao Valley are Tibetan people.

A yak walk on the road, they are also local residents.

The wood path is popular to visitors.

Lights and shadow make us a pretty view in Shuangqiao Valley.

Alpine meadow and white pagodas in late autumn.

Summer view of the Shuangqiao Valley, all green.

Winter view of Shuangqiao Valley.

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