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Taoping Qiang Minority Stockaded Village

Taoping Qiang Minority Stockaded Village Travel Guide

Taoping Qiang Stockaded Village locates in Taoping where has the most preserved Qiang Minority building culture and over 2000-year of history. The village is the only well-preserved stockaded village of Qiang nationality in the world. Because of the typical Qiang building and complicated passageways, it's also called "the Easten Castle". there are some folk houses that has 2 or 3 storey, people usually live in the second floor and the first floor is for livestocks. The biggest building is watchtower, and there are only two watchtowers left. The structures of the two watchtowers are 9-storey and very complicated, tourists will get lost if they don't have local people to guide them. The whole village is connected into a whole, thus it has very good defense function, not to mention that it also has tunnels.

This village still maintains the old traditional customs, like wearing their folk costume, women brocading embroidery, men drinking barley wine. The hospitable Qiang people serve tourists with their home-made preserved meat barley wine, and wild vegetable and sing toasting songs.


Take bus in Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station to Wenchuan County, and take bus in Wenchuan County to Taoping

DCT Tips:

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2. Because there are still people living in all the buildings,  they will charge tuorists for visiting, usually the price is 5-10RMB, and if you want to go upstairs in the watchtowers, they will charge you extra 20RMB.

A Qiang Minority girl work as a tour guide in the village

A Qiang Minority girl work as a tour guide in the village

Defence Watch Tower in Taoping

Overlook at the Taoping Qiang Village

A farm house in Taoping village

The houses in Taoping are all built by stone

Smoke of Qiang Minority Style

An important symbol of Taoping Village

A mother and her child with Qiang sytle dressing

Front gate of Taoping Qiang Minority Stockaded Village

The village almost hit the rock hill on its back

Qiang people and their Stockaded Tower

A central room of a Qiang family

Take a bird view of Taoping

A Qiang lady is openning the walnuts in Taoping

On the roof of a Qiang Family

Beautuful Qiang Ladies

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