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Golden Bay Mangrove Ecotourist Region

Golden Bay Mangrove Travel Guide

Golden Bay Mangrove Ecotourist Region is 15 km southwest to downtown Beihai, with more than 200 ha mangrove forest, more than 100 types of mangrove animals live here. The mangrove forest prevent and reduce the red tide effectively, promote the grouth and reproduction of marine life; the grown-up mangrove forest  is a natural barrier to protect the seawall. Further more, local people could get rich marine product from the mangrove forest, they could also keep duck, shrimp, crab and shell in the mangrove forest.
So here in Golden Bay Mangrove, you could joy the local fisher works include: finding shells, sandworm, etc.
Besides the mangrove,  you could enjoy boat-based fisherfolk here.  There are two parts about the boat-based fisher's life, one is a folk park show you the life, history, working tools, fishing boat, clothing, wedding cultures and working cultures. The other is "Ganhai Area" which means you could gather seafood on the beach when the tide is ebbing, just like boat-based fishmen; in Ganhai Area, if you are tired, you could get a cup of tea, lying in a hammock or deck chair in the woodland, take a good rest and enjoy the wind from the sea.

Openning: 7:30 am - 7:30 pm
Adult RMB80/Person
Child RMB45/Person (1.2 - 1.4 m)
Shuttle bus in the region RMB25/Person


There is no public bus to this region, please take a taxi.

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Golden Bay Mangrove 1

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