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Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall Travel Guide

Located at Yanqing County, Badaling Great Wall is by far the most popular Great Wall of China site for travellers,mainly because it is close to Beijing (about 70 km less than two hours away) and is much easier to climb than the other Great Wall sections.

Badaling Great Wall is at the highest point of north end of the Guankou gorge, in which the Juyongguan Pass lies. In the history, the function of Badaling was to protect the Juyongguan Pass. Along with Guankou gorge, there are several interests and historic sites. Badaling is a rare ancient military defense project. The elevation of it is about 1,000 meters.

Badaling Great Wall has a total length of 4,700 meters with an average height of 8 meters.The highest part is 15 meters. The total area for a tour is 19, 000 square meters. The top of the wall can permit five horses to be ridden abreast. There are arched doors at the inner side of the wall with very little distance between each two doors. The arched doors at Badaling Great Wall lead you to the top of the wall by stone stairs.

Badaling Great Wall has a long history as a exceedingly military defending place.

Badaling Great Wall became a very important military strategic place since the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC) and the Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC). Many incomplete parts of the wall were proved to be built in the Warring States Period.

Badaling Great Wall in China was made by huge bar stones. Some of the stones have a height of two meters with a weight of hundreds kilograms. Inside of the Wall are made of mud and stone block. The top floor of the Wall is paved with square bricks which made the floor very orderly and smooth. On the highest place, signal fire platforms were set to send warning signals in the ancient China. One fire with one smoke meant the enemies were about 100 men; two fires with two smoke meant 500 men, and three fires with three smoke meant more than 1,000 men... By this way, the persons who were warned were able to know the state of the enemy,so that they could have a good fighting ideal according to the number of the enemies.

Near Badaling, there is a large-scaled Great Wall of China Museum as well as the Great Wall National Theater from which you can get a full and complete view of the Great Wall.

Why it is must-see sight?
Badaling Great Wall is the typical section of Great Wall in China.

Badaling Great Wall was the earliest section to be open to the tourists among all the parts of the whole Great Wall. 130 million tourists from China and abroad have visited Badaling; 370 foreign leaders and very important persons have come to climb Badaling successively.

In 1961, the State Council decided that Badaling was a national key protected culture relic unit. In 1987, Badaling was awarded as World Cultural Heritage.


Bus Route: Take 919 at Desheng Gate Tourist Bus Route: Take No. 1 at Front Gate Take No. 2 at Beijing Railway Station Take Lateral No. 2 at the west gate of Beijing History Museum Take No. 3 at East Bridge Take No. 4 at Xizhi Gate or Beijing Zoo What´s more: You can also get there by taxi which will cost you CNY400.

DCT Tips:

1 Recommended seasons for a visit: from May to October.

2 Unless you visit it during the bitterly cold days of winter,however, don´t anticipate a one-to-one with the Wall,and ready for guide rails,a carnival of souvenir stalls and squads of tourists surging over the ramparts. A summer weekend trip reminds you that China has the world´s largest population,so choose for a weekday excursion.

Tourists in Badaling Great Wall
Our beauty tourists in Badaling Great Wall

Tourists in Badaling Great Wall

Our beauty tourists in Badaling Great Wall

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With foggy the Badaling Great Wall might be the most "must-see" sights in the world.