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Mt. Emei

Mt. Emei Travel Guide

Mt. Emei
snowy konjak
China began to plant konjaks as early as 2000 years ago, and the history for using it as food was also long-standing. In the "Ode to the Capital of Shu Kingdom" written by Zuo Si, a great writer of Xijin Dynasty, it recorded that: "if konjaks are steamed with ash water, they will become flummeries; if they are pickled with liquid, they will become a food loved by the people of Sichuan." The story goes: the Taoist priests use the starches of the konjak tuber to produce snowy konjak bean curds; the color is golden yellow and look like sponges; the flavor is quite delicious, and it later becomes a rare food of the people in Mount Emei.

Mt. Emei produces famous green tea, "Zu Yeqing" and "Erui", Zu Yeqing is taken before Qingming Festival. Thus the tea is flat and tender, which resembles the Longjing tea of Hangzhou, but has different taste. Tourists go to Mt. Emei may buy newly produced tea in spring and summer.

Hot spring

At the foot of Emei mountain, almost every hotel has its own hotspring. We think the one of the best is the hotspring in HongZhuShan hotel. First of all, they have over 35 pools, some of the pools are indoors but most of the pools are outdoors covered with forest. Then each pool has it own smell, just like mike, flower and so on. Last year they just imported a kind of fish which can help people to clean the dead skin. And the hotspring there is 24 hours service, so guest can enjoy the hotspring as long as they like.

The delicious food street
This street is always busy at night time, every shop has its English Menu. And the food given to the guest is quite fresh, cause guests can see the materials of vegetable and fish which they have order. The food there is all Sichuan flavor, so if some of the guest want to try the Sichuan food, can just have a try. And the guest can feel the different table manner. They will see people are always toasting, laughing and talking while they have their food. Maybe some of our guest can join them if they like. So have food there is not only eating there, but also a nice place to get close view of our local culture.

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