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Wuhou Temple

Wuhou Temple Travel Guide

Located in the south of Chengdu, Wuhou (Marquis) Temple is a famous historical site dedicated to the memory of Zhuge Liang (181-234 A.D), Prime Minister of the Kingdom Shu during the Three Kingdoms period (AD220-280).

Covering 37,000 square meters (398,277 square feet), the date of the temple´s establishment is unclear. The temple consists of Liu Bei Hall, Zhuge Liang Hall and Hui Ling Tomb, plus some precious cultural relics, such as the "Statement at Departure" composed by Zhuge Liang and with the calligraphy of Yuefei, Longzhong Couplet also written by Zhuge Liang.

His great personality, his dedicated service to others, and his outstanding intelligence make Zhuge Liang above all emperors, generals, and ministers in history.


One hour Bus Route: 14, 26, 53, 57, 213, and 214.

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