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Beishan Hill

Beishan Hill Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Located about two kilometers north of Dazu county, Beishan Hill(North Hill) is famous for its Grotto (beishan shiku) boasts almost ten thousand sculptures first built here in 892 AD and gradually added over the years. At one spot up here, Fowan, there are some 290 grottoes filled with impressive stone sculptures. On the 300-meter-long, 7-meter-high slope, sculptures and carvings depicting the lives of local people throughout the ages can be seen. The northern section of the hill is home to works dating to the late Tang Dynasty while the southern half contains art from the Southern and Northern Song Dynasties.

Beishan (north hill) stone carving
Beishan Cliff Statues were carved between the end of the Tang Dynasty and the end of Southern Song Dynasty. It is located on the north hill which is 2 kilometers away from the north of Dazu County. Taken the Buddha Bay as the center, around it is the Goddess of Mercy slope, Yingpan slope, the Buddha ears rock and Beita temple. The Beishan stone carving is more than 500 meters long and about 7 meters high with 5,000 statues. They are delicate and exquisite. Apart from some stone inscription and tower blocks are broken, others are kept well.


Beishan Hill is only 2KM from the county town and you can either walk there or take a taxi.

DCT Tips:

Recommended time for a visit half and tow hours.

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