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Zhanli village

Zhanli village Travel Guide

Zhanli village

Situated among dense jungle in southeast Guizhou, Zhanli is a beautiful ethnic Dong village belongs to Chongjiang County covered with good vegetation and plants, river flowing in front of the village, stilted buildings strewn along the riverside, drum and wind-rain bridges stood upright in the village. In 500 years before, ancestors of Zhanli migrated from Wuzhou city in Guangxi, tracing back the Liu River until fond the great land and settled down.
Zhanli village, belongs to Chongjiang County of southeast Guizhou province, is 25km far to Chongjiang County with 168 household 791 populations. The village is small but with a surprising record that is zero population growth since 1950s, known as “the first village of population culture in China”. Zhanli attractive more and more explorer with is unique culture and custom as well as amazing landscape and building.
There is no roadway to Zhanli until 2005, villager rarely come out for living with gentle and friend character.

Sate of Life
Although located in the jump-off land, Zhanli acquire generous return with simplicity and advanced population sense. Families in Zhanli have ample food and clothing, rich pottery, with average 1.3 mu of agricultural acreage, which is more than double to other villages’ and higher than national average agricultural land, gain much more grains than other villages’ , poultry breeding is also in the forefront of the whole county. 
Zhanli is a splendid pear in isolate mountain area and a rare treasure of ecological culture in native nationality. Nowadays, Zhanli attract extensive attentions from experts and scholars at home and abroad and tourists and visitors around the world as well.

 Mystery of Huanhua Herb
In Zhanli Dong village, almost 98% of households give birth to two children, one girl and one boy; virtually no two girls or two boys rearing in a family. It is real strange in China of the
There is a mystical secret that Huanhua herb has the ability to help Dong people propagate one girl and one boy in a family. It is said that if there is a boy in family, the next child will be girl after taking Huanha herd, vice versa. The huanhua herb secret was kept and inherited by Pharmacist in village.


a half hour by coach from Congjiang County to Zhanli village

DCT Tips:

We suggest you take umbrella or raincoat for visiting Zhanli because humid weather here, sunglass and sunscreen cream, antiskid shoes or hiking boots are necessary.

rice harvest in Zhanli
Rice is the main crop in Zhanli. The grain is rippen in later September to early October.

rice harvest in Zhanli

Rice is the main crop in Zhanli. The grain is rippen in later September to early October.

Dong village

Zhanli is a typical Dong village in Guzihou

In the village, engagement ceremony can be only held on 5th to 6th January in Chinese lunar calendar, and the wedding ceremony is on in 16th Februar

Preparing for wedding ceremony

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