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Butterfly Spring

Butterfly Spring Travel Guide

Situated at the foot of Yunlong Peak of the Cangshan Mountain, 25 km south of the Dali old town, Butterfly Spring is surrounded by ancient camphor trees.
A local legend tells the tale of why it was named Butterfly Spring. Long long ago, a beautiful Bai maiden named Wengu and a gentlemen named Xialang fell in love with each other. But a local despot who also loved Wengu and tried to take her as his concubine. In order get together forever, Wengu and Xialang jumped into the Butterfly Spring for suicide. After that, they became a couple of butterflies, flying over the Butterfly Spring. It is also claimed that the lovers return as butterflies every spring.
In spring when the trees put forth fragrant flowers, thousands of different types of butterflies flutter among the branches and over the spring water forming a dazzling "Kingdom of Butterflies".
Because of the beautiful legend of Butterfly Spring, the spring has become the symbol of the scenery love. So at butterfly meet held on 15th, April every year, the local young girls and boys of Bai nation come here for meeting. They always throw the stones into the spring and sing the songs to seek their lovers.

The phenomenon dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D). For this annual congregation of butterflies, the silk tree and the Butterfly Spring have become a major tourist attraction of the Cangshan Mountain.

Openning: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ticket: RMB60/Person


Can be reached by the bus to the Erhai at Dali old town for CNY 4.

DCT Tips:

Because the butterfly meet is held on 15th,April, so the best time for a visit is on such day.

Dali Butterfly Spring 1

Dali Butterfly Spring 1

Dali Butterfly Spring 2

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