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Shaxi Town

Shaxi Town Travel Guide

Shaxi, in southwest China´s Yunnan, is located in the Jinsha River, Lancang River, Nujiang and the Sanjiang-domain southeastern Nature Reserve, and located in Dali and Lijiang scenic area between the ancient city, known for the SHI Bao-shan on here.
Shaxi is very beautiful with a pleasant climate, rich natural resources. Here there are mainly Bai, Han, Yi, Lisu ethnic minorities living in a total of Habitat, it is being hailed as a "the mountains, the waters, Bazi United States, more beautiful girl singing and dancing in the land of fish and rice and rural." Flowers, rich fish, traditional dance, beautiful songs are the main features here.
Shaxi is a town with a long history of the Millennium, and it can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period more than 2,400 years ago. Aofeng Hill ancient tomb group, the east, the Shaxi full speed copper sites quietly told us that for more than 400 years BC, Shaxi to create a black-Jiang as the center of bronze smelting production base, at the time of their ancestors on the Shaxi with a high bronze smelting technology, Yunnan become one of the cradles of bronze culture.
Tang and Song Dynasties period, as the Nanzhao Shaxi, Dali country was on the trail of a town, and plays a positive role. As we all know Buddhism on the Nanzhao Kingdom, the impact of deep Dali, Nanzhao, Dali culture into a strong religious overtones, and Shaxi is the dissemination of Buddhist culture was one of the witness, in the Shade-ching, along the left Shizhongshan Under the Nanzhao, Dali built in the country during the caves is the best explanation. That is in the Tang and Song Dynasties period, because in the Shaxi Nanzhao, Dali States to Shade strengths Shizhongshan Grottoes to go through this, Tang and Tubo economic and cultural exchanges on the trail of a land terminal very famous.
Shaxi town is the remains of an ancient market town and once an active trade stop on the Southern Silk Road that connected Tibet and China with Southeast Asia and on to Europe.
This Road is actually older than the more famous Silk Road (in the North), predating it by at least 300 years. Shaxi has been listed by the World Monuments Fund as one of the world´s 100 most endangered sites.
The Shaxi Market is the only surviving example of such an entrepot, complete with an intact theater, guesthouses, a temple precinct, and protective gates.


It is on the way of national road from Dali to Lijiang. If we drive from Dali to Lijiang, we could stop and pay a visit to Shaxi.

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