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Xizhou Village

Xizhou Village Travel Guide

Xizhou Village is located in the north of Dali, 18 kilometers far from Dali city, facing Erhai on the east.
Xizhou Village was a military stronghold during the Nanzhao Kingdom. The town is surrounded by rice paddies and Cangshan. It grew and flourished in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) along with the fortunes of Dali renowned tea merchants that traded to Tibet. Nowadays, it´s a farming town with some traditional Bai architecture.
At the entrance to Xizhou, a magnificent structure catches the attention of visitors. It is a two-storey building made of wood and brick. The second floor is an attic of horizontal inscribed board. The first floor is a corridor, leading you into an atmosphere of traditional culture featuring part-time study in the countryside. Not far away is a banyan tree with flourishing leaves and branches. Perched on the tree is a large flock of egrets. They lead a comfortable and luxurious life without anyone disturbing them.
Xizhou Village is not only a historically famous city but also a typical commercial center of Bai Ethnic Nationality. With a more mixed population and cosmopolitan background, it is now a "must" for the travelers. You can enjoy lovely ethical clothes, fairylike programs, decorative architectures, gifted garden parties and wonderful handicrafts there.


There are buses from the Dali old town or Xiguan to Xizhou Village for about one hour.

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