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Dalian Travel Guide

Dalian Overview

Dalian is famous as a summer resort and hot-spot of the tourists of China with its beautiful breach scenery and pleasant environment. Located on the east coast of Eurasia Continent, at the southern tip of the Eastern Liaoning Peninsula, with Bohai Sea on its northwest, and the Yellow Sea on its southeast, Dalian consists of 260 islands of different sizes. It is the largest port in northeast China.
With its well economic atmosphere and nice investment policy, Dalian takes an important role in Liaoning province; in recent decates, big enterprises such as Fortune 500's Intel, Starbucks, Volkswagen and Bosch GROUP, Toshiba, Panasonic, LG, STX and BT all invest in Dalian.
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Dalian was list in the "Best Tourist Cities in China" selected by the National Tourism Administration and the World Tourism Organization. The weather in Dalian is neither too cold in winter, nor too hot in summer. Dalian promotes tourism through the sun, sand and sea in summer and springtime climate, sports and shopping in winter.
More than 40 percent area of the city is covered by greenery, the equivalent of 11.1 sq m for every resident, Dalian has more than 60 public squares, including famed Asia's largest city square “Xinghai Square”, more than 70 gardens, 24 beaches and 5 public parks, it is one of most popular city for living in China.  
Dalian is also famous as the hometown of national athletes. Although Chinese football team is not so good, with the great passion of football, Dalian has one of the best football team in China.

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Dalian Tour Guide

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