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The Festival of Sheng Wang Huo
Time: Spring Festival
Sheng Wang Huo(Making Vigorous Fire) is a unique tradition in Datong, Shanxi during the Spring Festival. Local people will set up a tower-style bonfire with large coals during the festival and light it at midnight for celebrating the coming of new year and pray for good harvest in the future.
China Datong Yungang Travel Festival
Time: August (annul)
The Travel Festival is holding annually August in Datong, exhibiting the religious and traditional culture of China, and mainly presents the special local attractions in Shanxi. Comparing other travel festival around China, this festival in Datong is not so popular, but have strong feature of northern Chinese style. The main items include: exhibition of Shanxi attractions, art and cultural performance, travel investment ect.
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Zoumaiba Festival
Time: every 6th June in lunar calendar
Zoumaiba is a unique custom in Datong area. After reaping wheat, the new son in law get used to visit the parents in law taking along a moon-shape cake which made from harvest flour for harvest celebration and best wish to his new parents.

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Datong Tour Guide

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