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Mt. Hengshan

Mt. Hengshan Travel Guide

Hengshan Mountain is located in Datong city, Shanxi Province, which is a famous scenic spot in north China and an important birthplace of Taoism. 

Mt. Hengshan lies between the northern plateau of Shanxi Province and the central plain of Hebei Province, because of its precipitous natural and geographical location, it has become an indisputable place for strategists. In the valley between mountains in Hengshan, there were many passes for heavily guarding, such as Yanmen Pass, Pingxing Pass, Zijin Pass, Ningwu Pass, etc. Many emperors and famous generals have battle here, and many ancient battlefield relics such as ancient passes, castles and beacon towers have been preserved. 

Taoism began in Mt. Hengshan since the West Han Dynasty ( 202 BC - 8 AD), and here is the holy land of the mainstream Quanzhen sect. And many famous Taoist have been practice in Mt. Hengshan in ancient time; such as one of the eight immortals -- Zhang Guolai, the founder of Maoshan Sect Taoism -- Sanmao Zhenjun and the founder of Wudang Sect Taoism -- Zhang Sanfeng.

There are many natural and religious scenic areas in Mt. Hengshan, Here are some of them:

Tianfengling is the main peak of Mt. Hengshan with an altitude of 2016 meters. It is known as the "Pillar of human nature in North China" and "The great fortress mountain". The mountain is a typical typographic fault mountain, with a cliff and a green vegetation belt, under the golden setting sun,  it is particularly magnificent. And there are many Taoism temples in Tianfengling, such as Zhenwu Temple, Chunyang Temple, Shiwang Palace and Huixian Palace, etc. 

Hanging Temple
Most of the temples in Mt. Hengshan were built on the cliff, and the Hanging Temple is the highlight. The Hanging Temple was built on the cliff of the 2nd peak Cuiping Peak, with more than 1500 years history. In June 2010, Time magazine listed it as one of the ten most dangerous buildings in the world.

Yongan Temple
Yongan Temple is famous for its Yuan Dynasty Murals. The murals is on the four walls of the main hall, they are huge meticulous color paintings with 3 meters high and 56.8 meters long, a total of 170 square meters. It is a highlight mural in Ming Dynasty with rich contents and super painting skills. 882 Confucianism, Buddhism and Taosim figures with vivid and natural expressions; provide important materials for the study of the evolution and change of Chinese painting art and religious ghought.

Qianfo Peak
Qianfo Peak is also named "Little Mt. Huangshan". The isolated peaks are arranged in order; and the pines and cypresses are all over the valley; and the clouds sea make the isolated peaks appear as if they were hidden. With all scenic features of Mt. Huangshan in South of China.

Yuanjue Temple Pagoda
Yuanjue Temple Pagoda is the only existing dense eaves pagoda in Datong, it is a brick imitation wood pagoda, the latest rebuilt time is Chenghua Period of Ming Dynasty (1465-1487 AD). The phoenix spire is not only a direction indicator, but also a lightning arrester. It is rare in ancient China and has important cultural and academic value. 

Yanmen Pass
Yanmen Pass is an important pass of the Great Wall in Mt. Hengshan area.

DCT Tips:

The Mt. Hengshan Scenic Area has many scenic spots, we normally talk about visit Hengshan means visit its main peak Tianfengling.

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