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Mt. Hengshan Scenic Spot

Mt. Hengshan Scenic Spot Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Mt.Hengshan is one of the most famous "Five Sacred Mountains (Wu Yue)"in China, and it is located about 62 kilometers south to Datong City of Shanxi Province.

There is a temple at the mountainĀ“s foot named Overhanging Temple which was built in Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534), on the high cliff hemmed in by a precipice on either side. It sits up there beyond reach in abject solitude. from the bottom you can see range upon range of pavilions supported by dozens of wooden pillars. on entering the temple, you will be surprised by its half-house and half-cave inner structures.

The highest peak on the mountain called Tianfeng Summit, which is at 2016.1 meters (6,617 feet), in Hunyuan County, Datong City. The steep north slope is covered with verdant pine trees. Climbing onto the top of the mountain, you will see endless pine trees, some of them growing on the cliff with roots burrowing in the rocks, exotic flowers and rare herbs and odd-shaped stones, and so forth. We believe that you will be too delighted to return home after visiting it. The south slope is studded by lots of temples where emperors worshiped the North Mountain.

Mt.Hengshan Scenic Spot attracts people by its natural sceneries and man-made landscaping.

Mt.Hengshan Scenic Spots has temperate semiarid continental climate and distinct four seasons. It features cold-dry winters, windy springs, short rainy summers, and short sunny autumns.

DCT Tips:

There is extreme temperature difference between daytime and at night. Annual average temperature in Mt.Hengshan is 6.1 degree centigrade. So you should pay more attention to the changeable weather.

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