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Emei Travel Guide

Emei Feature Food

1.Vegetarian Feast: The noted vegetarian feast offered by monasteries of Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple and Fuhu Temple. All ingredients of dishes are made by vegetarian foods like noodles, melons, beans and green vegetables, by steaming, boiling, stir-frying or stewing, but could be similar to meat dishes with the shape, color, smell, even taste. Enjoy the Vegetarian Feast in Emei could be an incredible taste for your trip.
Emei_Vegetarian Feast.png
Tips:The time for meals in Temples of Mount Emei is a little different with other places. Breakfast time: 7:00-7:30; lunch time: 11:00-11:30; dinner time:18:00-18:30 . The prices are different from 10RMB to 30EMB per dish in different temples. It is a good manner to finish all food while having meal in temple. Thus, please do not order too much dishes.

2. Salty Duck: Tourists may have taste duck in Beijing, though Salty duck in Emei is not so famous, it real deserves for recommended. Cooked referring to secret recipe, the meat is ruddy, fresh and tender, smelt flavorful. This is a very good dishes going with drinks.
Emei_Salty Duck.jpg
3.Leaved Cake: Leaved Cake is a popular fresh pastry in Emei. It is made of glutinous rice dough filling with sugar, earthnuts, walnuts, gingilis; steamed wrapped with leaves. Some leaved cake is fresh salty with pork and some other seasonings. Please do not ask for some information before you purchase it.
emei_leaved cake.JPG
4.Food streets recommended:
There are two most famous food streets rowing wide range restaurants with various popular snack and local dishes of Emei city. One is the “Delicacy Street” locates by the side of Emei Mansion on Southern Bailong Road; another is the “Emeishan Street of Famous and Special Snacks” nearby Baoguo Temple at the foot of Mt. Emei.

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