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China Feature Food

Longyan Feature Food

Jun 27, 2016

Longyan Cuisine is mainly composed of the Hakkas dishes, which are fresh and natural, with a slightly "salty and oily" taste. An old saying...

Ngawa Feature Food

May 20, 2016

Here we intruduce you some local Tibetan foods and beverages in Ngawa area.

Beijing Feature Food

May 15, 2016

You could have foods from all over the world in Beijing, but Beijing  local dishes such as Beijing Roast Duck you should never...

Shanghai Feature Food

Mar 25, 2016

Shaoxin Chicken Gruel The Shaoxin Chicken Gruel, firstly cooked by a man from Shaoxin, is one of the most famous Shanghai snacks. It is made of a special rice and...

Xian Feature Food

Mar 25, 2016

Mutton & Bread (Yang Rou Pao Mo) Some say there are two things that you absolutely must do in visiting Xian: visit the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses taste...

Guilin Feature Food

Mar 25, 2016

    Rice noodles Rice noodles, which can be either round or flat, are the most popular snack in Guilin. Guilin rice noodle has been the local...