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The Memorial Hall of the Chen Family

The Memorial Hall of the Chen Family Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Located in Zhongshan 7 Lu, the Memorial Hall of the Chen Family, also known as Guangdong Folk Art Museum, was built in the 1890s.

In the late of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a man named Chen got the third place in the highest imperial examination and had conferred upon him a distinguished office title which made the Family Chen well-known. Later someone suggested that all the Chen´s families raise money to build a temple to sacrifice to the ancestors and encourage their offspring likewise to study hard. Therefore, the temple was finished in 1894 with the money donated by Chen´s families in 72 counties of Guangdong Province as well as some overseas members of Family Chen.

The temple is a compound complex consisting of nine halls, six courtyards and nineteen buildings connected by corridors, all separated by walls from the outside world. A pair of stone drums in front of the entrance door, measuring 2.55 meters (about 8.36 feet) in height and two colored drawing pictures of door-god of four meters (about 13 feet) height are said to be the best in Guangdong.

The decoration combines wood carving, brick carving, stone carving, clay sculpture, ash sculpture, brass and iron foundry, grotto, etc. The special historical, artistic, and scientific aspects of the temple have made it an important attraction in Guangzhou.

The Memorial Hall of the Chen Family is regarded as one of four major cultural tourist sites in Guangdong Province.

It used to belong to a wealthy family by the name of Chen and now houses many articles including ivory sculptures and artistic statues. It is now the largest and best preserved and decorated ancient architecture existing in Guangdong province.


Can be reached by bus No. 104, 107, 109, 85, 88, 193, 128, 233, 250, 260, 268, 286, and 527 to the Hall, or by subway.

DCT Tips:

Recommended Time for a Visit: 45 minutes

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