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Jinkeng Rice Terrace

Jinkeng Rice Terrace Travel Guide

Jinkeng is a part of Longji Rice Terrace Field in Longsheng County, it is famous for its large area and Red Yao minority villages.

Jinkeng cover an area of 10 square kilometers and with more than 20 natural villages, they are all Red Yao people who is a branch of Yao Minority Nationality. The Red Yao minority were moved from Hunan province here and take their progressive rice planting technology, the field in from of Jinkeng Primary School is the first rice field when the Red Yao people moved to here, when the population get larger and larger, they began to clear the mountain to built the terrace for rice planting, after more than 700 years hard work, the rice terrce fields from the foot to the top of the mountain (the highest mountain is more than 1000 meters in altitude).
Now here in Jinkeng, you could not only enjoy and photo the amazing rice terrace fileds, but also discover local Red Yao people's culture, such as woven pattern, highlighting, batik and singing. You could choose visit here on lunar June 6th, the Cloth Hanging Festival which is the most important festival to Red Yao people here.

Useful Info.
Entrance Ticket: CNY100/Person
(The ticket is a package for Pingan, Jinkeng, Zhonglv and Ancient Zhuang Villages)               
Shuttle bus in the Scenic sports: CNY45/Person
(All visitors should be changed scenery sports inner shuttle bus)
Cable car to Jinfoding sightseeing spot(the highest spot, No. 3 spot):
Single way: CNY70/Person
Round way: CNY120/Person
Trekking in Jingkeng:
1.There are several trekking lines to different spots in Jinkeng, if you could like to visit all of them, you should stay at least one night in Jinkeng. Except Jinfoding which is the No. 3 spot, you should only walk the stone steps there.
2.You could trek from Jinkeng via Zhonglv (an underdeveloped Red Yao villag) to Pingan, it will take you about 4 - 6 hours on the moutains, up and down.
Most of the guest houses are hold by local people, so only local foods served.
Local style of wood house, which means if someone walking, all the people in the building could hear.
Best time to visit Jinkeng Rice Terrace:
Late May to early June (watering terrace)
Lunar 6th June (Clothes Drying Festival of Yao Nationality)
Mid-July (Shiny green rice field)
Late September to early October (Golden rice field)
Snowy day in winter


1. Take distance bus from Guilin Bus Station on South Zhongshan Road to Longji or to Longsheng County then change bus to Longji.
2. If you booked the accommodation in Longji, ask the boss how and where to take the bus from downtown Guilin to Longji. They could offer you a discount rate.

Farming in the rice terrace of Jinkeng

Farming in the rice terrace of Jinkeng

Rice is ripe for harvesting in Jinkeng

The gate of Jinkeng

Amazing rice terrace field on the moutains

Beautiful rice sea in Jinkeng

Rice terrace field and villages in Jinkeng

Dazhai village by the side of a stream in Jinkeng

Spring of the Jinkeng Rice Terrace

A way statue in Dazhai village of Jinkeng

Local red yao people walking in the terrace

horses are important to local people, they help to carry all heavy goods

A local meal on a guest house in Jinkeng

The first rice field by Red Yao Minority in Jinkeng

Green field and blue sky in Jinkeng

Terrace view from a guest house in Dazhai village of Jinkeng

Foggy in Jinkeng

Another farming photo in Jinkeng

Clouds after rain in Jinkeng

Another clouds after rain in rice terrace of Jinkeng

Amazing linellae of Jinkeng Rice Terrace

Guest center of Longji Rice Terrace

A rain and wind bridge in Jinkeng

A village of Jinkeng

Another village of Jinkeng

Overlook the village from the mountain

Walking in the village of Jinkeng

Shape of the terrace and the mountain

Sunlight in the terrace field

A lazy dog on the stone path in Jinkeng

Red Yao people in Jinkeng

Red Yao people and green field

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