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Bajiao Zhai Geography Park

Bajiao Zhai Geography Park Travel Guide

The Bajiao Zhai Geography Park was uated as one of the beautiful Danxia landforms in China by the China national geographic in 2005. It coves more than 40 square kilometers and its landform shape is developed richly. Honored as “soul of the Danxia landform” by the concerned experts, the Bajiao Zhai Geography Park is worthy inspection.
The Bajiao Zhai Geography Park is located in the Ziyuan County where is in the intersection point of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Hunan province. Very different from the Karst landform in other places of Guilin, the Danxia landform in the Bajiao Zhai Geography Park is pretty magnificent which was formed 14 million years ago. The red rock depth 1783.64 meters in the northeast of the scenic area, while the red rock depth 2189.07 meters in the south.
The plank road built along the face of cliff is the only way can lead you up the summit of the Yuntai Peak (814 meters above sea level). It really needs some courage to finish the adventurous trip. Up to the viewing deck half way the Yuntai Peak, you will see a plenty of “spiral shells” enjoying the sunlight. Actually they are the red rock mountains with beautiful screw threads chiseled by nature. This is one of the most wonderful views of the Bajiao Zhai Geography Park. After a short break, you can go on climbing. And still there are more magnificent views waiting for you.  
It is breathtaking when you arrive at the summit of Yuntai Peak. The grand red rock mountains have stood here for millions years and seldom charge a lot. The villages scattering among the mountains look like small pearls. And the paths extend far like ribbons. When it is foggy, you will have entirely different views.
There is a local Buddhist temple named Tianxin (center of the heaven) Temple in the park as well. It was originally built in the Yuan dynasty. And there are still many local believers come to the temple to pray for harvest or good luck every year.


Take a bus to Ziyuan County in the Guilin Bus Station, and then take a mini bus to the scenic spot.

Danxia Landform is the highlight of Bajiao Zhai Geography Park

Danxia Landform is the highlight of Bajiao Zhai Geography Park

Bajiao Zhai Geography Park foggy morning

Sunrise in Bajiao Zhai Geography Park

The sky turn red in Bajiao Zhai Geography Park

The cable car look like a necklace from here

The pavilion of Bajiao Zhai

The archway on the top of Bajiao Zhai

Sky path of Bajiao Zhai Geography Park

Overlook of Bajiao Zhai Geography Park

Danxia Formland close look in Bajiao Zhai Geography Park

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