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Baoding Waterfall in Ziyuan County

Baoding Waterfall Travel Guide

“The cliff is sharp and the waterfall is splash. Trickling from the origin like a bolt of cloth, the waterfall twists and turns a lot. And then it pours down suddenly as shapely as a curtain”, described the famous Ming dynasty geographer and traveler Xu Xiake hundreds years ago. After visiting and investigating the Baoding Waterfall, Xu recorded the Baoding (treasure tripod) waterfall into his travel notes. 
The Baoding Waterfall Scenic Area is located in Ziyuan County 107km away from the very center of Guilin city. It consists of the Baoding Waterfall, the Baoding Lake, the Baoding Mountain and the BaiYun Buddhist Nunnery. With the prosperous plants, the impetuous river and the bravura waterfall, the whole scenic area is just like a big“Natural Oxygen Bar”.

The Baoding Waterfall which sources from the Qingbei River is a multistage waterfall. As Xu Xiake’s description in his travel notes, the Baoding Waterfall is really attractive and special in Guilin. Before touching the Baoding Waterfall, visitors will be boarded on a ferryboat at the Baoding Lake. The lake is calm and assembled by the green mountains. Yet there is not any indication of the bravura waterfall. A few minutes later, the 700 meters drop waterfall will present its beauty in front of you. 

Getting off the boat, you can get close to the clear water and breathe the high-oxygen air in the waterfall area. In addition, there is a path leading to the best view point on the mountain. from that point, you can have a panoramic view of the Baoding Water scenic area. Views from here are definitely different from those you see at the foot of the mountain. And then you will understand the words wrote by that ancient traveler exactly.

Moreover, Ziyuan County features by the Danxia landform. Another scenic spot named Bajiao Zhai Geopark is noted as one of the most beautiful Danxia landform scenic areas in China. If time permits, you can make it as a part of your Guilin tour.


Take a bus to Ziyuan County in the Guilin Bus Station for CNY 30, and then take a mini bus to the scenic spot for CNY15.

Guilin Baoding Waterfall Scenic Area

Guilin Baoding Waterfall Scenic Area

Baoding waterfall flow into Baoding Lake

Overlook Baoding from the other hill of Baoding Lake

View Baoding Lake from the waterfall

Baoding Stream

Rice field by the side of Baoding Lake

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