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Courtyard of Family Qin

Courtyard of Family Qin Travel Guide

Courtyard of Family Qin locates in Shuiyuantou Village Baishi Town in Xing'an County. Surrounded by mountains, the Courtyard of Family Qin has existed for more than 300 years. It is not only the living museum of Qing architectures, but also the paradise of family Qin who are hospitality.
The architectural style of the Courtyard of Family Qin is different from the common architectural style in the north of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The residences are more similar to courtyards in the north of China. It is said that the ancestors of family Qin moved here from the north of China to avoid wars and then reconstructed their houses in this beautiful isolated place. Since then the Qin family has lived in the Shuiyuantou Village happily for centuries. They are very pride of the large-scale courtyards with delicate wooden ornaments. Compared with other ordinary houses in the rural area, the Courtyard of Family Qin has higher historical and aesthetic value. You can still see the beautiful wooden carving patterns on the doors, pillars and beams.

The environment is well protected and the ecology is in balance. There are many maidenhair trees in the village. In particular, the big old maidenhair tree on the very edge of the village is flourishing and it is regarded as the patron saint of the village. When autumn comes, their leaves’ color will turn into yellow.

The folk custom in the Courtyard of Family Qin is well maintained as well. People living here have retained many handicrafts and their manufacture craftsmanship around today. Ancient furniture or elaborate embroidery can be easily found in any courtyard. Though the family Qin is not as prosperous as before and the courtyards are a little bit shabby, people’s life style here doesn’t change a lot. You can see many slogans painted in the middle of the last century on the mottled walls.

There are not too many visitors in this original village yet. So the Courtyard of Family Qin still maintains its original beauty and it is waiting for you to discover.


It will take you about 2 hours from the Guilin city to the Courtyard of Family Qin by bus

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