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Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill Travel Guide

Fubo Hill is famous for its picturesque shape and beautiful caves. It is located at the northeastern part of the city, it stands nearby the Li River, with half of its eastern foot submerged in water. A deep pool of crystal clear, mirror smooth water is at the northern foot of the hill.
It is known for its Tang and Song Dynasty Buddhist carvings in the foot cave named Returned Pearl Cave, all accessible by steps leading up and down the east and west side. The cave contains stone carvings on rock faces and ceilings--more than two hundred statues of Buddha from the Tang Dynasty and over a hundred poems and other compositions by scholars and poets of the Tang and Song dynasties.
The hill was said to be a Buddhist shrine in the Tang Dynasty. Another cave, called the Pearl-Returning Cave (Huanzhudong), is brightly lit in the glow of the morning sun, looking very much like a crystal place. A folktale says that once a fisherman entered the cave and saw an old man sleeping with a pearly by his side.
The fisherman stole the pearl and took it home. Someone told him that the Dragon king owned the pearl got angry. Hence the cave is called Return the Pearly Cave. By the river is a rock on which legend says the emperor tested his swords for sharpness and so cleft the rock.
There are many different and interesting legends about the Pearl-Returning Cave. One of them tells that after the triumph of war, General Fubo retreated to the court, bringing herbs by boat. However, on the way, he was framed so as to have wringed pearls put in the boat. To clear the matter, he poured all the herbs into the Fubo River and returned the so-called "pearls". Hence, the cave was named "Pearl-Returning Cave". Another legend suggests that a peasant picked a great glittering pearl from the cave and angered the Dragon King. The peasant´s neighbors advised him to return the pearl at once, and so he did. Thus, the Dragon King stopped raising the devil waves, and humans´ lives became peaceful once more. To memorize the event, people entitled the cave "Pearl-Returning".


Can be reached by bus No. 2, 15, 58(free), or by taxi from downtown.

Big Iron Bell on the foot of Fubo Hill

Big Iron Bell on the foot of Fubo Hill

Li River view from the top of Fubo Hill

View Diecai Hill from Fubo Hill

Overlook Jiefang Bridge and Chuanshan Hill from the top of Fubo Hill

Steps to the top of Fubo Hill

Huanzhu Cave (Pearl Return Cave) of Fubo Hill

Uplook of Fubo Hill

Archway of Fubo Hill

Famouse Caving on Fubo Hill

A well of Fubo Hill

Look at Jingjiang Palace from the top of Fubo Hill

View Laoren Hill from the top of Fubo Hill

Sword-power-test Rock of Fubo Hill

Buddhist statues in Huanzhu Cave

More Buddhist statues in Huanzhu Cave