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Jing Jiang Mausoleums

Jing Jiang Mausoleums Travel Guide

The Prince Jingjiang Mausoleum is located at the foot of Yao Mountain which is in the eastern suburb of Guilin city. It is a mausoleum of the ancient China royal family - the Prince Jingjiang Family in Ming Dynasty which eleven generations were buried here. Moreover, there are more than 300 tombs covering 100 square kilometers, making up the biggest ancient tomb group in southern China. The well-preserved tombs are important relics of culture and history in Guilin.

The tomb of the third Prince and his consort is now opened to tourists. On the top of this tomb, visitor can get a panoramic view of the whole mausoleum: red walls and ornamental halls nesting in the lush vegetation. Some valuable relics excavated from his tomb including a vase, some silver and golden wares are now displayed in the museum which is rebuilt from the tomb. A medium-sized museum has been incorporated into this tomb also, serving as a perfect showcase for the unearthed historic relics and artworks of unraveled beauty.

To emphasize its significance, a saying goes like this: “In Northern China there are the Ming Dynasty Tombs, in southern China, the Mausoleums of Jingjiang Princes”

According to experts, it is the biggest and best-preserved extant Ming-era princes’ mausoleum complex in China. Located in front of the Yao Mountain, the Mausoleums of Prince Jingjiang Scenic Site is a good place of Fengshui which flanked by undulating hills and faces two peculiar-shaped peaks in front, which form a natural gap.


Visitors can take city bus line 24 and get off at the Station of Yao Mountain stop, then walk 50 meters eastward. Or take a taxi.

DCT Tips:

Recommended Time for a visit: about 2 hours

A general with his horse statue in Jing Jiang Mausoleums

A general with his horse statue in Jing Jiang Mausoleums

The largest mausoleum of Jing Jiang Mausoleums groups

A civil service official statue in Jing Jiang Mausoleums

Take a bird's view of Jing Jiang Mausoleums

The largest tomb in Jing Jiang Mausoleums

Stone elephant in Jing Jiang Mausoleums

Stone lion in Jing Jiang Mausoleums

Ling En Gate which is the first gat of a Jing Jiang Mausoleum

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