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Jingjiang Palace & Solitary Beauty Peak

Jingjiang Palace Travel Guide

Guilin Prince Jingjiang Mansion & Solitary Beauty Peak is located in the center of Guilin city. It is one of top attractions which is covered the whole Guilin Prince Jingjiang Mansion and Solitary Beauty Peak. Perfectly combine the natural landscape and historical relics. It is praised as the ‘Mini forbidden city’ since ancient time.
The Solitary Beauty Peak is in the center of Prince Jingjiang Mansion which is praised as the greatest southern pillar in China.
It stands solitarily which its erect from the flat ground like a unique column propping up to the sky. so hence its name. It is famous for its beautiful sharp precipice.  Its summit offers the best panoramic view of Guilin city after climbing 375 steps zigzagging way to the top.
The well-known rock description that characterizes Guilin landscape ‘East or West, Guilin’s scenery is the best’ is among the numerous stone inscription on the cliffs of the peak. Inside the Peace Cave under the peak, there are more than 60 Chinese style zodiacal symbols carved on the wall that are considered to be the Chinese culture wonder. There had been 14 Jingjiang Princes of 12 generations who had lived in the city during the 257 years in Ming Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, Prince Jingjiang Mansion was converted to be the “The Examination Hall” of the Guangxi Province.
Guilin Prince Jingjiang Mansion is listed as “the national key cultural relics protection units” in 1996.


Visitors can take city bus line 1, 22, 30, 99 and 100 and get off at the Lequn Crossing Station, then walk 50 meters eastward. OR take a taxi.

The gate of Jingjiang Palace

The gate of Jingjiang Palace

The Jingjiang Palace is now not only a scenic spot but also a university

Duxiu Peak in Jingjiang Palace

Yueya Pool of Jingjiang Palace

Main hall of Jingjiang Palace

Peaceful Jingjiang Palace

Show hall of Jingjiang Palace

Walk in the road of Jingjiang Palace

Performance of Jingjiang Palace

Guoxue hall of Jingjiang Palace

View from the top of Duxiu Peak

Zhiyang Pavilion of Jingjiang Palace

Cliff caving on Duxiu Peak of Jingjiang Palace

Lion Stone in front of Jingjiang Palace

The stone cloud of Jingjiang Palace

Shou charactor exhibition room in Jingjiang Palace

The liberary of Jingjiang Palace

The palace wall of Jingjiang Palace

Map of ancient Jingjiang Palace

Huge trees in Jingjiang Palace

Metropolitan examination show in Jingjiang Palace

Jingjiang Palace is the Metropolitan examination during Qing Dynasty

Metropolitan examination room

Sanyuanjidi means got the 1st place 3 times in acient China

More cliff caving

More cliff caving in Jingjiang Palace

Hill gate to on the path of Duxiu Peak

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