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The Pierced Hill Park (Chuanshan Park)

The Pierced Hill Park Travel Guide

The Pierced Hill Park (Chuanshan Park) is located in southeast Guilin and it is about 3.5 kilometers far from the downtown. It occupies an area of about 2 square kilometers with beautiful scenery. The Pierced Hill, the Pierced Cave, the Moon Cave, the Tower Hill and the Shoufo Tower are in the park.
Xiaodong River flows from north to south and between the Pierced Hill and the Tower Hill. After the Pierced Cave was discovered and exploited in 1981, the Pierced Hill Park was founded.
The Pierced Hill is 298 meters high and it occupies an area of 25.25 hectare. It was once named Kongming Hill because there is a round cave on its west peak which looks like the moon. Therefore, the cave is called the Moon Cave or the Kongming Cave. The cave is pierced so that the hill is called the Pierced Hill.
The Pierced Cave is on the middle peak of the Pierced Hill's five peaks. It took shape 3.4 million years ago and was discovered in 1979. It is 517 meters long. The 25 scenic spots such as Waterfall Cave, Lotus Pond and Longtou drum-shaped stone are inside the Pierced Cave.
The Tower Hill is on the east bank of Li River and on the west bank of Xiaodong River. Its relative height is 44 meters. It occupies an area of 2.75 hectare. The Shoufo Tower built in Ming Dynasty with a height of 13.3 meters is on the hill so the hill is called Tower Hill. The reflections of Tower Hill and Pierced Hill in the river form the scenery of Chuanshan Taying.


Can be reached by bus No. 6 and No.58, also taxi.

DCT Tips:

The best time to visit is from March to November.
Usually, it will take you about 1.5 hours to enjoy the scenery.

The Tashan Hill in Pierced Hill Park

The Tashan Hill in Pierced Hill Park

We do not know why ancient people built this tower on Tashan Hill

Famous people in Pierced Hill Park

A huge banyan tree in Pierced Hill Park

The huge cave on the hillside of Pierced Hill Park

There is a karst cave in Pierced Hill Park

another picture of karst cave in Pierced Hill Park

View Pierced Hill from Xiaodongjiang River

View Pierced Hill from Li River

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