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Xingan Merryland World

Xingan Merryland World Travel Guide

Guilin Merryland World which was located in Xing'an County has been closed since 2021. A new theme park named Guilin Rongchuang (sunac) International Tourism and Resorts was opened at the end of 2020.

Click to View Photos Guilin Merryland World is a project built by Mr. Ma Zhi Lin. This project was planned in 1992 and built in 1997.

It is situated in Xing´an County, Guilin, Guangxi Autonomous Region, covering an area of 6,000 mu (988 acres). Major attractions of the resort include a Golf Club, the Merry-land Resort Hotel, the Holiday Cottage, and the Theme Park. The theme park covers 90 hectares.
Theme Park: Comparable to Disney Land in America this theme park contains the Forest Amusement Area along with another six sections. The park offers visitors fun through switchback cars, bungee jumping, the pirate ship ride, haunted castle; to name but a few. There is fun for the entire family. Hereunder is a brief introduction of the six sections within the park.
South Pacific Section: Immerse yourself in the exotic South Pacific Section. Tropical plants, bamboo, thatch houses and magical aboriginal stone carvings are found here. This new world stimulates and energizes your mind and body.
Happy China Town: Step back in time and space and feel the essence of China Town.
Dream Global City: Here dreams can actually come true!
Pirate Village: Here you are offered the opportunity to get up close and personal with pirates!
Western United States Section: Ever thought of being a cowboy? Here is your opportunity to see what life was like.
European Section: This section offers you the opportunity to appreciate the Gothic architecture of the 12th -13th century in Europe. Imagine you are a charming princess staying in the big castle or a handsome prince walking among the spires.
All the dress, food, sights, shows and entertainment facilities in each section are themed. It´s like entering a time tunnel. Come and enjoy! Merryland has a 5-star holiday hotel adjoining the theme park and gold course. Merryland also has 30 wooden Cabins built by the mountains. Each cabin has two floors, the first floor is double room and the second floor is suitable for couples.
The cabins have been designed by a European designer in styles from Europe and Japan. High quality timbers finishes are used and all cabins have the same facilities as the hotel while you enjoy the tranquil and serene environment. Merryland also offers campsites in the forest village. 160 campsites are available with 5 big campfires offering you a great place for barbecues and fireworks.

We can provide you with tent, sleeping bags and sunshade. You can experience all the joys of the open air environment with the comforts of a resort.


1. April-October offers the best weather to visit Guilin. The 1st-7th of May and October are Chinese legal holidays, so many try to avoid these times as local facilities are very busy.
2. Pets are not allowed at the resort.
3. Visitors with heart problems or high blood pressure are asked to avoid activities such as bungee jumping and switchback car sitting.
4. The Merry-land express runs from Guilin Chief Bus Station to the resort at thirty-minute intervals at the cost of CNY 12.
5. Tickets for the Theme Park are valid for 1 day only.
6. All food and drink must be purchased at the Merry Land Resort.


Can be reached by bus from Bus Station of the city.

Xingan Merryland World 1

Xingan Merryland World 1

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Xingan Merryland World 10

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