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Tomb of Hairui

Tomb of Hairui Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
This tomb rests at Binya Village, Xiuying District, the western outskirts of Haikou City. The tomb is the symbol of Hairui. It was originally built in 1589 during the Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644), and some of the constructions in the tomb garden remain intact. It covers the area of over 4,000 square meters (4784 square yards).

Born in Qiongshan, Hairui (1514 - 1587) was an upright minister during the mid-Ming Dynasty. He was famous for his righteousness and royalty. Later he was being persecuted and was out of the emperor´s favor and was exiled to Hainan Island. After his death, those people who admire his good works built a tomb for him.

In front of the main gate of the cemetery stands a high memorial archway on which four big red characters, "Righteousness in Eastern Guangdong (Yuedong Zhengqi)", were horizontally cut in intaglio. The 100-plus-meter-long passage to the grave is exclusively paved with white marble. And the exhibition room helps deepen the tourists´understanding of this outstanding official in Chinese history. During the Cultural Revolution, the tomb was nearly torn down but now has been tastefully restored to its former glory.

Tomb of Hai Rui is a place worthy of a visit because there you can not only view the scenery and constructions, but also know more about Hai Rui.

Tomb of Hai Rui is surrounded by white granite. It is 3.3 meters (10.8 feet) high and faces to the west. The base of the tomb is octagonal with four carved stories. On these stories is a round ceiling made out of pieces of vesuvianites from Hainan Island.

A pavilion stands behind the tomb with two couplets by Hai Rui, both praising his honesty. Going to its back you will see the Qingfeng Pavilion displaying Hai Rui´s stories and relics, and you can understand why he has been respected by generations of people.


Can be reached by the bus No. 2 and get off at the west bus station, then walk for 1km along the road heading south.

DCT Tips:

Recommend time for a visit: one hour.

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