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Dragon Well Tea Plantation

Dragon Well Tea Plantation Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Dragon Well Tea is well known worldwide, the water of dragon well is sweet and nice. The name Longjing is from a small village on the Fenghuang Hill, in Hangzhou Zhejiang Province.

It is said that residents in ancient times believed that a dragon dwelled there and controlled the rainfall. Longjing tea is grown in the Longjing mountain area of Hangzhou, southwest of the West Lake.

The fertile land is both rich in phosphorus and sub-acidic sand. Hangzhou as the capital carried out further development in tea production. The tea has a more than 1000 years long history. Its earliest record may be found in the book named Chajing, the first book on tea in the world, written by the Chinese expert of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Lu Yu.

The green tea here enjoys very high reputation since Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D) for its four special features: green color, fragrant aroma, sweet taste and smooth even appearance. Furthermore, Longjing tea aids one´s health in many ways regardless of your age.


Can be reached by the bus No.27 or Tourist bus No.3 to get to the Dragon Well Tea Plantation.

DCT Tips:

Recommended time for a visit: one and half hour.

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