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Qiantang River Tide

Qiantang River Tide Travel Guide

There are two gushing tides nature phenomena in the world. One is in the mouth of the Amazon River in South America; another is Qiangtang  River Tide, the best place to view Qiantang River Tide is in Haining, in the north bank of the Qiantang River.  There are 3 best spot in Haining, they are Daquekou, Yanguan and Laoyancang.

The topography is narrow inner and wide outside from Hangzhou Bay to the mouth of the Qiantang River just like a bugle. At the same time, the tides of the river push toward in a high speed which is 10 meters each second.

The water will be suddenly gush and pile up. The height of the tides will develop very fast, so the head of the tides stands up as a great wall, flying to the sky. Watching such tides can be really an experience.

It was in Tang Dynasty that people began to watch the Qiantang tidal wave and flourished in the Song Dynasty. The watching of Qiantang tidal wave was popular in Ming and Qing Dynasty and has been developed as a "successive tidal-wave watching" tourist item (one tide-wave, three watching and four scenarios) nowadays.

Firstly, watching the "head-on" tide-wave at Da-Que-Kou, it looks like the bursting of glacier and the lifting up of silver pillar (see the invite bid item of Da-Que-Kou head-on tide-wave vacation-spending area). Then watching the "tide-wave in string view" at Yanguan. It looks like a white chain across the river, and the spurting snow on the roaring waves. Finally, watching the "turn round" tide-wave at Lao-Yan-Cang. It looks like the upright terrifying tidewave and the momentum of an avalanche (see the invite bid item of Lao-Yan-Cang turn round tidewave comprehensive tourism area).

If you watch the tide-wave in night, it shows fine spectacles and looks like the silvery tide-wave with the reflection of moon in it, and the sparks of tide-wave flying in the sky. The same tide-wave with several scenarios is indeed a spectacle in the world and wins everybody┬┤s admiration.
Qiantang River Tide 1

Qiantang River Tide 1

Qiantang River Tide 2

Qiantang River Tide 3

Qiantang River Tide 4

Qiantang River Tide 5

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