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Hefang Street

Hefang Street Travel Guide

Hefang Street is historical and cultural street of Hangzhou, the best place to buy Hangzhou feature commodities and enjoy local snacks. In the past, paper fan, scissor, cosmetics, needlework and tobacco are the top 5 popular commodities here. Now, Huxueyan Former Residence and Zhubingren Bronze Sculputre Art Museum are the highlight; for commodities, you could still buy souvenirs at century-old stores such as Zhangxiaoquan Scissor Store, Wang Xing Ji Paper Fan Store, Huqingyu Tang Chinese Herbal Medicine Store, Kongfengchun Traditional Cosmetics Store, Wanlong Ham Store, Xidebao Silk Store, etc. 

Further more, local snacks is another attraction to visitors,such as Dingsheng Cake (Red Bean Paste Stuffed Sticky Rice Cake), Deep-fry Strong-Smelling Preserved Tofu, Shallot Stuffed Pancake,Stewed Duck in Soy Sauce, Steam Pickled Pork Cake with Shrimp, etc.
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