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Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple Travel Guide

Brief Introduction
Aside from the West Lake, Lingyin Temple (Temple of Inspired Seclusion) is one of the biggest and most famous ancient Buddhist temples in China.

It was first built by an Indian monk named Huili in 326A.D. The temple was named Lingyin Temple (Temple of Inspired Seclusion) for its environment is very beautiful and serene and suitable for "gods rest in seclusion".

The main temple buildings are restorations of Qing dynasty structures. The Hall of the Four Heavenly Guardians at the front of the temple is inscribed with the line "cloud forest Buddhist temple", penned by Qing emperor Kangxi, who was a frequent visitor to Hangzhou and was inspired on one occasion by the sight of the temple in the mist and tree. On either side of the entrance are two 1000-year-old stelae.

The snow scene of the west lake enjoys very high praise by people, especially the view of "Belting Snow at Broken Bridge".

There are different sayings about the name. One of them is that it snows almost every winter in Hangzhou and when the sun comes out after snowfall, the snow on the sunny side of the bridge melts first, while the snow on the shady side still lingers. Looked at a distance or from a nearby hill, the bridge appears to be broken.

It is a favorite stopover for you. Especially on fine winter days after a snow, you may stand on the bridge to feast your eyes on the snow scene far and near. Distant hills, clad in white, grow more enchanting.

The famous Chinese folk story "The Tale of White Snake" brings the broken bridge some romance.


Can be reached by the bus No. K7 and Tourist bus No. 2 (both from the train station), and tourist bus No. 1 from the roads circling West Lake, go to the temple.

DCT Tips:

Recommended time for a visit: two hours.